- - Tuesday, June 5, 2018

The Supreme Court should be most concerned about encouraging civility (“Colorado baker who won Supreme Court case says he’s ‘thrilled’ with outcome,” Web, June 5). For people of faith, weddings are inherently loaded with religious significance. Thus the issue of artists using their craft to create celebratory symbols for weddings inherently involves freedom of speech and religion issues.

The court should recognize that floral arrangements and cakes are not mere commerce but are laden with very sensitive First Amendment issues. It should recognize that those issues deserve special treatment in discrimination cases. Valid First Amendment interpretation demands this.

Law is a form of force. To resort to it to get one’s way over the convictions of other citizens only creates hostility and resentment. If the court fails to recognize that fact it will only undermine the respect it deserves.

It is better to discourage resorts to law (force) through its rulings, better to seek to promote a spirit of civility and tolerance by recognizing the sensitivity of the issues involved.

Why do same-sex couples insist on obtaining the services of those who have their own cherished convictions? Why not simply shop elsewhere rather than to resort to force? How do rulings that encourage the application of legal force over valid First Amendment protections foster true civility? The American people should demand an answer to that question from the justices before the next ruling is rendered.


Tewksbury, Mass.

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