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If brokering peace on the Korean Peninsula is just a diversionary tactic to draw attention away from Stormy Daniels, then somebody please get this president six more porn stars.

One for Syria, one for Sudan, one for Ukraine and three for the Middle East.

Oh, and one for Chicago.

This line of inquiry — taken quite seriously on the cable waves of the once-mainstream media — reveals just how desperately unhinged the media has become in this Age of Trump.

It strains the imagination to think that the governments of North and South Korea have conspired with President Trump to concoct disarmament talks at this precise moment in hopes of deflecting attention away from a bouncing beachball of a porn star who claims to have had an extramarital affair with Mr. Trump.

Or, maybe she just wants to draw attention to herself — a first in history for a porn star who specializes in multiple suitors at once.

And it would be far, far, far from the first time someone leveled salacious accusations against this president that turned out to be completely, utterly and entirely manufactured by people with hidden, ulterior motives. (See Russian hookers urinating on a bed in a Moscow hotel room.)

Either way, Stormy Daniels’ claims certainly suggest a resurrection of the political profession under Mr. Trump.

For the longest time, no self-respecting porn star would ever admit to getting in bed with a politician for fear of ruining their reputation and destroying their careers. And no telling the diseases they might catch from a politician!

All just part of Making America Great Again.

Another reason I find the North-South Korea-Trump conspiracy theory a little hard to take is that it really seems like both North and South Korea have slightly bigger problems to worry about at the present moment, such as the impending annihilation of the entire planet, starting with their peninsula.

Normally, when a president seeks to scatter attention from some brewing scandal, the scandal is real and the diversionary action is self-initiated.

Such as the time in 1998 when former President Bill Clinton fired 75 Tomahawk cruise missiles at supposed terrorists he suddenly located, killing 15 people in Afghanistan. This came three days after finally admitting that, indeed, he had molested the young intern working for him in the Oval Office.

Remember the whole “Clinton lied but nobody died” mantra of the 2004 presidential campaign? It was intended to impugn President Bush over the Iraq War, which Democrats had supported until they saw political opportunity in suddenly opposing it.

Anyway, the mantra made no sense because, yes, Clinton lied. But then 15 people also died when he tried diverting attention away from the fact he had been lying for so long. These are the same dishonest clowns who started up their “progressive” group called MoveOn.Org — so named because they felt it was time that Americans “move on” from some private, consensual relationship between two people.

In the Oval Office.

On our dime.

While he was supposed to be working as our president!

And, I am sorry, but how can a lowly intern give consent to a sexual relationship with her boss, who happens to be the most powerful man in the entire world?

Haven’t these people learned anything from the #MeToo movement?

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