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March 23 is a day that historians may look back to and say it was the beginning of the end of the Trump administration.

President Trump signed the $1.3 trillion omnibus spending bill, after hinting he might veto the bill. The bill is simply a disaster for Republicans and for conservatives. The bill funds every liberal priority, including Planned Parenthood, sanctuary cities and even pork projects for Chuck Schumer. It does not build the wall, nor does it cut spending. President Trump said angrily, he would never sign a bill like that again.

Yes, Mr. President. You will.

This bill was not President Trump’s fault, but he will pay the price for it. The blame for this bill lies squarely on the shoulders of the leadership in the House and Senate. They will pay the price for this and so will America.

The conservative base of the GOP is discouraged and demoralized. In 2010, the Republicans promised the Tea Party that if they were given control of the government, they would cut spending and advance conservative goals.

The GOP won control of the House in 2010 but then said, we need the Senate. In 2014, the base gave them the Senate, but the GOP said, we need the White House too. In 2016, to the shock of everyone, including the Republican leadership, Donald Trump won.

Now, the Republicans control the House and the Senate and have a President willing to sign conservative bills. Yet the Republicans in Congress keep passing Democrat priorities, not Republican priorities. Despite almost a decade of promises, the Republicans keep ignoring their base to make their friends in D.C. happy. Now the base is ready to ignore them, much as it did in 2006.

It is almost a mathematical impossibility for the Republicans to lose the Senate. One should never underestimate the ability of the Republicans to blow an election. But, with the Democrats defending 24 seats, including 10 in states carried by Donald Trump, and the Republicans only defending 9, the numbers simply are not there.

The House is another story.

The Republicans only have a 25-seat majority in the House. With a discouraged base not turning out, it is easy to see the Democrats retaking the House.

What would that mean?

For starters, it means Donald Trump would see none of his agenda enacted. He can forget about the wall. The Democrats will gut defense spending again. They would also work to eliminate any funding for immigration enforcement.

But that isn’t the worst of it.

They would use the House committees for endless investigations of Donald Trump. For two years, all we would hear about is Russia, even though every trail from Russia leads to the Democrat Party and the Clintons.

The ultimate goal would be to impeach President Trump. The President would not be removed from office, but that isn’t the point. The point is to destroy him politically and allow the Democrats to take control of government again.

America was lucky the last two times Democrats controlled the White House and both houses of Congress. In both instances, the Democrat President was a lazy narcissist, who wanted to be a rock star and not spend his time advancing an agenda.

If the Democrats capture the White House and both Houses of Congress in 2020, America will not be so lucky. The Democrats want to take a blowtorch to the Bill of Rights, eliminating freedom of speech, religion, the right to keep and bear arms and pretty much every other right Americans have.

The next generation of Democrats that will be running in 2020 are far more radical than the Clintons. They are much further to the left and they are also much more committed to a radical agenda. If they win, we can say goodbye to freedom and liberty in the United States.

And if this happens, we have the Republican leadership to thank for it.

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