- - Tuesday, August 13, 2019

I’m sick and tired of hearing that I am now being labeled as a white supremacist, white nationalist, deplorable Walmart shopper and every other stupid, slanderous, abusive term that the Democrats can spit out against anyone who supports President Trump. As a 100-percent disabled Marine Vietnam War veteran, this is intolerable.

Some of the biggest offenders pushing discrimination and pitting race against race are the far-left media malcontents who hate Trump. They continuously promote negative, inaccurate reports that do nothing but stir discontent in this country.

The Democrats say they took the House in 2018 because the people hated Mr. Trump, but I argue that the majority of people were duped into believing a one-sided misinformation campaign against our president. One thing that the Democrats and their cronies couldn’t mislead the public on was the State of the Union, which all channels carried, allowing the people to see what the president truly had to say. Would a racist release numerous black prisoners from prison, giving them a second chance? Would a racist protect Mexican men, woman and children from drug cartels? Would a racist send troops to Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq to protect Muslims? The answer is no.


Warrenville, S.C.

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