- - Monday, August 5, 2019

There have been two more shootings, and once again the progressive left is blaming the usual suspects: White men, the NRA and firearms. White men are just men, nothing more or less. Being white or black or any other color is meaningless not only in regard to violence, but any other smokescreen the left throws up. Odd, isn’t it, that when we talk about “mass shootings” white men get the blame, but when the “mass shootings” are in our largest cities, run by Democrats, and happen every week, progressives look the other way — without blaming men of any other color.

Ever since Bill Clinton’s presidency, progressive America has been pulling the social-control rods out of the nuclear reactor that is our country. The results have been predictable. With nearly all of the social-control rods pulled, America is now at critical mass and headed for a social meltdown. The rules of behavior are gone, so when people like black supremacist King Samir Shabazz tells his followers to “kill white babies,” we must know they are serious and constitute real threats.

If the term “white nationalist” is a threat, then it is coming from the progressive left, too. They seem to be the only folks who have any interest in tossing that term around and they use it quite freely in order to stir up the fringe left, such as Antifa. How can any of us be surprised that our own little “Lord of the Flies” moment has arrived? We allowed it. Now we need to fix it.


Gainesville, Fla.

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