- - Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Amid all the analyses of the costs of such programs as college tuition, the Green New Deal, Medicare for all, etc., two far more important points are being overlooked. First, by claiming these programs will be “free,” the proponents actually mean that our taxes will pay for them. We work to earn the money to pay the taxes that will pay other people’s bills. If Person A is forced to work to pay Person B’s bills, Person A is forced to perform involuntary servitude, also known as slavery. Even if there is no pseudo-legal document purporting to give title to the body of Person A, it is still the essence of slavery: Forcing one person to work for the benefit of another.

Second, the proponents assume that what we earn by the sweat of our brows does not really belong to us. They think it really belongs to the government, and that they are entitled to tell us how much of it they will magnanimously permit us to keep. The rest they will redistribute as they choose. If private entities did the same, it would be called extortion and bribery. “Redistribution of wealth” is simply a sanitizing euphemism for extortion and bribery on the part of government.


Laurel, Md.

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