- - Tuesday, July 16, 2019

One must feel for former special counsel Robert Mueller. He appointed all partisans (who had conflicts of interest) to take over. And to think — he was just a step away from running the FBI. That is evidence of how our top national agencies can become corrupt.

Be gentle on the man but hard on the process. To think that such a partisan group didn’t find any Russian collusion — but maybe, just maybe, a crime — proves that they were trying to entrap a president of the United States. That is treason.

President Trump finds himself at a crossroads during America’s “teenage” years — not unlike Lincoln or Roosevelt did. As heart-rending and bloody as the Civil War was, the Union was the inevitable winner, thanks to the populous industrial North. As the historian Shelby Foote noted, the North was fighting with one hand behind its back. Not so in “The Great Patriotic War,” as the Soviets called World War II. Then, without Roosevelt’s guidance and assistance to Russia and England, the war would have devolved into an Axis victory or a protracted war with punitive sanctions on Germany and Japan.

We are approaching 75 years without another world war, having experienced strides in living standards, technology and world awareness.

Know that world freedom is under attack by “well-meaning” government operatives and junior-high-level members of Congress.


Grand Junction, Colo.

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