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The state knows better how to raise your children than you do. That was the clear message sent by Colorado legislators during this contentious legislative session.

Bill after bill, many of which were written by special interest groups like Planned Parenthood and One Colorado, sought to strip rights and responsibilities from parents and hand them to the state.

Take for instance one of the most contentious bills on comprehensive sex education. Since 2013, the state of Colorado has defined comprehensive sex education and forced any district teaching sex education to do so in line with Colorado’s newfound progressive agenda. This legislative session, they further expanded the definition of comprehensive sex education to embrace LGBTQ perspectives while attempting to specifically ban religious perspectives. You read this correctly, the legislature sought to solidify in statute the specific banning of religious perspectives when it comes to teaching human sexuality. Teachings like chastity before marriage, monogamy, and the importance of a both a mother and father, were sidelined because of their religious foundations.

The 2019 comprehensive sex education bill, written by Planned Parenthood, was a violation of religious freedom and parental rights.

Colorado state Rep. Mark Baisley asked the right question during a packed committee meeting, “Who defines healthy sexual relationships?” This is a parent’s role, not Planned Parenthood’s.

Rather than allowing parents to share values with their children regarding healthy sexual relationships, the state has forcefully assumed this responsibility.

While some of the more egregious aspects of the bill were amended out, the bill is a continuation of the state’s efforts to force a more and more progressive sexual worldview upon Colorado children. This isn’t education, this is Planned Parenthood indoctrination.

Two other bills that passed usurp the role of parents when it comes to treating a child’s mental health. Do you have a child struggling with gender identity? Counselors in Colorado can now only counsel your child to embrace transgenderism. This means encouraging the taking of hormone medication and changing your child’s lifestyle, even if it’s against your guidance. Again, the state thinks it knows what’s best for your child.

Do you have a child struggling with depression? Children as young as 12 years old can now see counselors in Colorado an unlimited number of times without your consent. You have no idea what your child is talking about with the counselor, what issues your child is facing, or how the counselor is guiding them. Again, the state thinks it knows what’s best for your child.

Parents, rightfully so, came to the Colorado State Capitol in record numbers to combat this state takeover. They packed committee rooms, testified until late into the night, held rallies, sent tens of thousands of emails and made their voices heard.

Sadly, parents lost rights this legislative session, and Planned Parenthood is patting itself on the back. Planned Parenthood gained more control over the children of Colorado. Parents must not forget what happened during this legislative session and must continue to build the movement to regain our rights.

The threat to parental rights is not limited to Colorado only. Like many liberal agendas, this is coming to a state near you soon.

Loving parents are the most important factors in the development of healthy children. Removing parents from establishing relationship values or guiding the mental health of their children is the wrong approach.

• Jeff Hunt is the director of the Centennial Institute.

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