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The recent efforts by CNN host Don Lemon and some Democratic presidential contenders to liken President Trump to Adolf Hitler spotlight just how far some Democrats and their media allies will go to ignore reality.

In the same vein, Democratic leaders ignore illegal incursions across our southern border and claim that Mr. Trump’s proposals to build a border wall are immoral and racist. Yet Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden and Chuck Schumer all voted at various times to authorize construction of a wall along the southern border.

In the name of compassion, Democrats in San Francisco and Los Angeles ignore the fact that homeless people are taking over large sections of their once stellar cities, contaminating the streets with feces, drug injection needles and filth that breed disease.

Under the same guise of compassion, Democrats across the country ignore the fact that their sanctuary cities allow violent criminals who are illegal aliens to commit murders and rapes that never would have happened if those cities had complied with ICE orders to allow their deportation when released from prison.

In pursuit of some ideological point, progressive Democrats who have taken over the Democratic Party thwarted Amazon’s plans to create 25,000 jobs at a new Amazon facility in Queens, claiming that the corporate success story pays starvation wages. In doing so, they ignored the benefits of new jobs that actually pay at least $15 an hour — well above the federal minimum wage of $7.25 an hour — and Amazon scrapped plans to build a new headquarters in New York as well.

Democratic leaders claim that President Trump is racist, ignoring the fact that he dated black model Kara Young for almost two years before he met Melania Knauss and that he insisted on admitting blacks and Jews to Mar-a-Lago when some other clubs in snooty Palm Beach to this day will not admit them as members.

Democrats claim that President Obama was responsible for the incredible economic boom that began after Mr. Trump was elected. That ignores the fact that by definition, when economic numbers are unprecedented going back as far as records have been kept or exceed results for the past several decades, they have surpassed not only Mr. Obama’s two terms in office but the results of all the modern presidents.

In fact, Mr. Obama is the only president since records were first kept under the administration of Herbert Hoover to fail to achieve annual GDP growth of 3 percent or more. Thus, the fact that we now have the lowest unemployment level in almost 50 years and the lowest black unemployment since 1972, when records were first kept, is entirely attributable to Mr. Trump and his policies of cutting regulations and taxes.

In the name of preventing “harm” to students who may not like what a speaker has to say, Democratic students create so-called “safe spaces” on college campuses and ignore their own claim to be tolerant by shutting down plans to have world-renowned figures like Condoleezza Rice speak at graduation ceremonies.

To prevent further global warming, progressive Democrats propose measures that would destroy the American economy. In doing so, they ignore the fact that even if the United States eliminated all carbon emissions from cars, planes, furnaces, manufacturing plants, ships and trains, total global carbon emissions would be cut by only 15 percent.

Democrats claim that Mr. Trump is a pawn of Vladimir Putin, ignoring the fact that Mr. Trump has taken more than a dozen actions against Russia and Mr. Putin. These include imposing sanctions on Putin cronies, sending missiles into Syria, demanding that NATO countries increase defense spending, unleashing cyber incursions into Russia’s power grid, criticizing Germany’s plans to build a pipeline to import natural gas from Russia, and increasing U.S. oil and gas production, thereby cutting into Russia’s revenue from their exportation of oil and natural gas.

While Democratic presidential contenders Beto O’Rourke and Julian Castro have also likened Mr. Trump to Hitler, Don Lemon made a lame effort to backtrack on his outrageous comments making the comparison. But it was clear during a heated exchange with CNN colleague Chris Cuomo that Mr. Lemon believed Mr. Trump is in the same category as the man who killed 6 million Jews, enslaved most of Europe and was on his way to invading the United States.

To be sure, Republicans on the far right are prone to fomenting conspiracy theories that are obviously fallacious. But so far, none of the conspiracy theories has threatened our way of life. That is exactly what would happen if progressive Democrats with their socialist ideas win the presidency and Congress in 2020.

Progressive Democrats ignore the reality of what socialism has done to Venezuela, North Korea, Cuba, and previously to the old Soviet Union. In the name of compassion and equality, these countries have taken away the incentive to achieve and thrive — as the United States has done since its founding — leading to starvation, mass killings, and misery abetted by dictators.

Faced with massive bias and dishonest coverage by journalists who, like the Democrats, ignore his successes, Mr. Trump will have an uphill battle to portray the reality of what progressive Democrats with their socialist ideas would mean to America.

• Ronald Kessler, a former Washington Post and Wall Street Journal investigative reporter, is the author of “The Trump White House: Changing the Rules of the Game.”

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