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Journalists continue to wallow in admiration for Beto O’Rourke. He jumped into the White House race surrounded by adoring words — except from those who favor certain Democrats who already have entered the White House race. “Betobuzz” and “Betomania” linger among those fascinated by Mr. O’Rourke’s cool and casual mien, or the moment he leaped atop a lunch counter in an Iowa coffee shop to make a speech.

Yes, well. Naturally, Mr. O’Rourke led the national trends on Twitter. The tweets, however, were not always flattering. But they were succinct:

“Beto is a media darling because when the media look at Beto, they see themselves.” (The Daily Wire editor-in-chief Ben Shapiro)

“You know Dems are in trouble when their biggest star is someone whose biggest accomplishment is losing.” (Republican National Committee chairwoman Ronna McDaniel.)

“Vanity Fair gives him the full ‘Obama’ treatment. Where’s the line about his ‘glistening pecs’?” (Fox News host Laura Ingraham)

“Beto O’Rourke has no idea what he stands for or what he brings to the field. Why is he running?” (Slate Magazine)

“Beto O’Rourke is an Owen Wilson character waiting to happen. (National Review political correspondent Jim Geraghty)

“Beto wants to run for president, but this is also the year they teach archery at sleepaway camp, and his parents are absolutely not going to pay for both.” (Washington Examiner Magazine Executive Editor Seth Mandel)

“This is wince-inducing.” (Fox News White House correspondent Kevin Corke)

For The Lexicon

“Impeachment hotheads.”

The hotheads in question are on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s list of challenges — those restless Democrats eager to launch impeachment proceedings against President Trump. Ms. Pelosi must likely cope with Green New Deal Hotheads and Socialist Hotheads as well, but that’s a different story.

It is “Pelosi’s war with the impeachment hotheads,” writes American Thinker columnist Trevor Thomas.

“Speaker Pelosi and her party are no longer on the same page. Mrs. Pelosi’s recent revelation that she’s not for impeachment directly contradicts the political priorities of many — if not most — on the American left. Recent actions by House Democrats make this clear. By most indications, number one on the progressive agenda is not national security, the economy, jobs, health care, education, abortion, or even the climate. The highest priority for many congressional Democrats and their base is the impeachment of President Trump,” Mr. Thomas observes.

Make it a holiday, or maybe not

The discussion about making Election Day a national federal holiday continues. Overall, 38 percent of Americans would like to see that happen — a sentiment shared by 21 percent of Republicans and 56 percent of Democrats according to a YouGov poll released Thursday.

“Democrats turned this into a central issue: making Election Day a national holiday is part of House Resolution 1, which includes the overhaul of election mechanisms and rules. Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell condemned the bill, which has passed the House of Representatives, as a Democratic power grab,” writes YouGov analyst Kathy Frankovic.

The pollster also revealed sentiments about other days of note.

It found that 33 percent of Americans overall would like Christmas Eve declared a national holiday. Another 25 percent felt the same about the Friday after Thanksgiving, while 10 percent would like to see St. Patrick’s Day go national.

But wait there’s more: 8 percent see Susan B. Anthony’s birthday as a holiday, 7 percent felt that way about the Monday which follows the Super Bowl and 6 percent want holiday status for both Cinco de Mayo and Cesar E. Chavez Day.

It is also of note that 31 percent said that none of these days should be declared a federal holiday.

There’s always something

The nation’s capital is an ultimate destination for those with a cause, be it women’s issues or gun rights. On Saturday, The National March on Washington: Hands Off Venezuela will descend on Lafayette Park, just across the street from the White House to have their say on the turmoil to the south.

The march was organized by the antiwar group Answer Coalition, which says it has support from more that 100 activist groups that include the Party for Socialism and Liberation, Veterans for Peace, Progressive Democrats for America, Canadian Peace Congress and New Mexico Raging Grannies. Among the many speakers: “Pentagon Papers” activist Daniel Ellsberg, actor Danny Glover, former Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein, peace activist Cindy Sheehan and Code Pink co-founder Medea Benjamin.

And in keeping with St. Patrick’s Day

“The United States and Ireland are bound together by ties of both kinship and friendship. It’s really a great friendship. Our citizens share an abiding love of faith, family and freedom. Today, our relationship is as strong and resilient as the great Irish people are strong and resilient,” President Trump told Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar during the Friends of Ireland luncheon on Capitol Hill.

“Since America’s founding, men and women of Irish descent have strengthened our nation beyond measure. In every war since the American Revolution, Irish Americans have fought with distinction to win our independence, to preserve our union and defend our way of life. And nobody has done it like the Irish. They do it with flair. They do it with brilliance. They’ve moved our hearts with timeless works of art, literature and music,” Mr. Trump noted.

Weekend real estate

For sale: The Deen House, a prairie-style Arts and Crafts home built in 1912 in Lakeland, Florida. Five bedrooms, four baths, formal living, dining and great rooms; original woodworking, pocket doors, stained glass, coffered ceilings, six fireplaces; 6,736 square feet. Carefully renovated, chef’s kitchen, wrap-around porch, detached two-bedroom guest house, extensive landscaping. Priced at $799,999 through Sothebysrealty.com; find the home here.

Poll du jour

• 38 percent of Americans say they are political independents.

• 61 percent of this group are white, 18 percent are Hispanic, 10 percent are “other” and 9 percent are black.

• 56 percent are men, 44 percent are women.

• 43 percent are leaning Republican; 43 percent are leaning Democrat.

• 43 percent are moderate, 29 percent conservative and 24 percent liberal.

• 9 percent do not lean toward either party.

Source: A Pew Research Center analysis of American Trends Panel polls and multiple surveys conducted throughout 2018.

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