- - Thursday, November 14, 2019

Who’s to blame for our illegal immigration problems? Who’s to blame for the American communities that are suffering from rampant crime, cartel violence, social and language problems in schools, drained health care and welfare systems, and drugs and gang activity in many parts of the country? There are several parties to blame.

First, it’s the illegal immigrants themselves and the criminal elements who help them cross our border. Our nation has laws that should be abided by. Law and order are used to protect our society in varied ways. Some illegal immigrants may be seeking a better life, but they should do so in a lawful manner. Others come with ulterior and insidious motives.

Second, Congress should be held accountable. Members of Congress — specifically the Democrats — have repeatedly resisted enacting legislation to reinforce current immigration laws and close loopholes.

America finally has a president who’s willing to address this challenging problem, but the Democrats resist his steadfast efforts. They support open borders and, in essence, lawlessness.

Third, Americans who voted for congressional Democrats are to blame. Many of these citizens are ignorant or indifferent of what’s really taking place in our nation. Along with them are American citizens who do not vote.

Come 2020, vote — and vote the Democrats out.


Aurora, Ill.

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