- - Sunday, November 17, 2019

Sadly another mass shooting has happened at a school (“2 dead, several injured in California school shooting; gunman caught,” Web, Nov. 14). As usual, there will be more time spent on the aftermath and little acknowledgement over the deep social roots, created over the past 40 years, that produce these senseless acts.

There is a mentality amongst the troubled individuals in our society who commit these acts that violence is the only option to combat their feelings of loneliness, anger and isolation. It doesn’t matter whether the location is the inner city, the suburbs or rural America; there has been a societal shift so dramatic, these mass killings continue to occur.

The access to guns is an obvious problem; however, it isn’t the only contributing factor. Maybe we adults need to start asking ourselves what we’re doing to create a mindset among some young males that violence is the only remedy to their problems. Adults own the record labels, TV and radio stations, and the various websites that teach how to plan, prepare and execute incidents of mass violence.

This paradigm shift didn’t happen overnight. Our society has become dominated by technology, and though some of it has been positive, the sad fact is that this same technology has enabled our children to move too easily from normal to abnormal behavior.

We adults need to do a better job of teaching kids about self-respect and respect for others instead of allowing TV, music and computers to be their teachers.



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