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The first step toward Middle East peace is to end the hatred. With such strong hatred in the Arab streets, any reasonable leader should think twice before taking a chance.

Consider the fact King Abdullah I of Jordan and Prime Minister Wasfi Tal, also of Jordan, were murdered for just considering peace with Israel. President Anwar Sadat of Egypt was murdered for actually making peace with Israel.

What may surprise Americans is that much of this hatred is government-approved, -sponsored and even -financed. There is no censorship of vile libel or accusations against Israel or the Jews. In addition, school textbooks contain horrible descriptions of Jews and some school plays have heroes who murder Israelis or Jews. This is currently found in nursery and elementary schools in Palestinian-controlled areas.

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Lastly, in what is often called “Pay to Slay,” the Palestinian Authority provides ongoing money to the families of terrorists who murdered Israelis and are now in Israeli jails. The amount of money is generally much higher than what Palestinians usually earn. The more people they kill, the more their family receives.

In response to the “Pay to Slay” payments, Congress passed and the president signed the Taylor Force Act. This law is named after an American tourist murdered in Israel. Since the murderer is now in an Israeli jail, the killer’s family continues to receive large monthly payments. The law requires a reduction in American foreign aid to the Palestinian Authority equal to the total amount of money given to the families of murderers.

The determination of the PA to continue these payments is such that they will endure the loss of American funds in order to continue making them. This must stop now.


Fort Lee, N.J.

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