- - Sunday, November 3, 2019

Since the day of his inauguration, President Trump has been the target of impeachment attempts by the Democrats. This clearly demonstrates that the left sees impeachment as a political weapon rather than as a way to protect our country from a rogue president, which is what it was designed to be. First came the manufactured Russia-collusion allegations, which consumed our politics, media and money for nearly three years and greatly inhibited our president from doing his job. Now we have the phone-call allegations.

The Democrats unhesitatingly and repeatedly lie, assisted by fake patriots within the deep state and the mainstream news media. For those of us who support Mr. Trump, but even more importantly our great country and the rule of law, frustration is not a strong enough word to describe what we are feeling. Are there seriously no elected Democrats with any integrity or patriotism? Do they not understand the damage they are doing, not only to our country and our current president, but also to all future U.S. presidents?

The Democrats accuse us of racism and hatred without any apparent realization that it is they who are the racists and haters. Someone on the left must stand up and say, “Enough is enough!” Barring that, we should all fear for our futures and the future of this great country.


Burke, Va.

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