- - Sunday, October 20, 2019

According to “Judge issues mixed ruling in Virginia abortion law challenge” (Web, Sept. 30), U.S. District Judge Henry Hudson upheld the sections of the law requiring that a licensed physician perform an abortion; that the woman be given the option of viewing an ultrasound if she so desires; that she have the right to receive state-written information prior to signing informed-consent documents; and that there be a 24-hour waiting period from the time she decides to end her pregnancy and the actual abortion.

Kathy Tran, the current delegate for the 42nd district of Virginia, introduced a bill in the 2019 General Assembly that would have obliterated those common-sense safety measures for women. This is not what Virginia’s women want.

While Ms. Tran was testifying in favor of her bill before a committee, she admitted that if passed the measure would have made abortion legal up until the moment of birth in Virginia. Virginians don’t want what amounts to infanticide.

Ms. Tran’s bill would also have placed a woman experiencing difficulty in the third trimester of pregnancy at the mercy of the abortionist, who only makes money if a pregnancy is terminated. Current law protects women by assuring that two other physicians confirm any diagnosis.

In addition, Ms. Tran’s bill eliminated informed consent. Currently, information about pregnancy, help from state and private organizations, and the development of the unborn baby can be given over the phone, and printed information can be mailed to the woman 72 hours in advance.

Kathy Tran is too extreme for the 42nd Congressional District of Virginia. We need to elect Steve Adragna on Nov. 5.


Springfield, Va.

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