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For what seems to be the 2,000th time since he took office, Donald Trump used hyperbole to make a point the other day. He very simply called the Democrats’ Ukraine impeachment scheme a “lynching.” And on cue, the Democrats and their media friends erupted with cries of racism and invoking a darker time in American history.

Even with their years of journalism and English language training, they pushed forward with the insane concept that somehow President Trump was referencing African-Americans being lynched during the civil rights era or after the Civil War. Sure, white people were lynched throughout history as well, but come on — that doesn’t fit the narrative — they only covered the African-Americans who were affected.

According to the left and their media friends, Mr. Trump was clearly referencing only the talking point that they extrapolated. Sure, Joe Biden, Jerry Nadler, John Kerry, Harry Reid and more called the Clinton impeachment a “lynching,” and sure, nearly every Democrat declared what happened to the famous actor Jussie Smollet a “modern lynching” without retracting it. And sure, almost every left-leaning person has called Mr. Trump “literally Hitler,” his followers “literally Nazis,” and migrant detention facilities “literally concentration camps” — but according to them, Trump and only Trump is the one attempting to send some sort of ‘evil message’ drawing upon the darkness and hate of the past with his use of the word “lynching.”

They even went as far as to get Bernice King, a daughter of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., to tweet about Mr. Trump being a racist because of the use of the word. She tweeted that it was “a reflection of the very real trajectory of our nation and the very repugnant evil of racism, which still permeates both legislation and language in the United States.”

Martin Luther King’s daughter. I guess she was too busy to weigh in when Democrats had used the word.

It just seems that journalists, elected members of Congress and educated liberal elites can’t grasp the concept that the president was simply speaking in hyperbole. Surely, they would have had the training and education to understand when someone uses this common term for an attack on themselves, right? Or perhaps it’s something else.

Who can forget when, a few weeks ago, the president looked to the sky and joking declared that he was “the chosen one” when it came to dealing with China? If you watched it, you could clearly tell that he was kidding. It was a sarcastic jab at the president and leaders before him who dropped the ball in negotiating with the communist super-power. 

But the media and left somehow took this to mean that he believed he was claiming to have the power of God and was somehow the “anti-Christ.”  Suddenly, they understood the Christian religion, which they so often blame for other things, to the point that they were able to declare Mr. Trump’s joke as the sign of the end of the world. I could go on and on with examples of this insanity, but I won’t.

The point is that since Mr. Trump took office, the left and their media friends, the ones who have been trained with a mastery of the English language, have over and over again attempted to take a few words of what Mr. Trump says completely out of context in order to push forward their “orange man bad” agenda. 

They know what they’re doing. No one, and I mean no one, can honestly look at Mr. Trump’s tweet where he calls the three-year Democratic investigation into him a lynching and say that’s racist. In that same light, no one could have witnessed Mr. Trump’s sarcastic jab that he’s “the chosen one” on China and believed that he thought he was the anti-Christ or some godly being. 

At this point the pattern is so old and repetitive that we could predict what happens with certain common words and phrases. If Mr. Trump said something “cost an arm and a leg,” The Washington Post, New York Times, CNN and MSNBC would all run stories that he is advocating for human trafficking and the sale of body parts … and Snopes would verify it to be true. 

And if Mr. Trump said “it’s raining cats and dogs,” the same group of media outlets would declare him “insane” and say that he believes mammals materialize and fall from the clouds — and therefore he should be removed from office via the 25th Amendment. 

This game is tired and old. Americans are smart enough to figure out the left and their media friends’ game. Heck, at this point, even children and people who don’t speak English have caught on. It didn’t work when they took the president out of context three years ago, and it doesn’t work now — but unfortunately for everyone except the makers of Tylenol, the left will keep trying this insane strategy over and over again because it’s clear at this point that their political playbook lacks depth, originality or reasonable plans to try to win in 2020.

• Tim Young is a political comedian and author of “I Hate Democrats/I Hate Republicans” (Post Hill Press).

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