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The deep thinkers are still seriously pondering the prospect that former first lady, senator, Secretary of State and two-time presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton is going to seek the White House once again.

There’s destiny involved, some say. Dick Morris — a longtime adviser to former President Clinton — insists she is pining to join the 2020 fray because she believes “God put her on the Earth” to be president. If front-runner Joe Biden drops out of the race, the chances increase he says. A lot. Mr. Morris told all of this to talk radio host John Catsimatidis a mere 48 hours ago.

“Will Hillary run again? She could triumph over a weak and divided field, but many Democrats are terrified to see her as the face of their party again. The Ghost of Hillary Past is threatening to become the Ghost of Hillary Present for Democrats,” writes National Review columnist John Fund.

“It wouldn’t take much for Hillary to think of herself as the best contender for the nomination. Her team is privately dismissive of the Democratic field,” Mr. Fund continues, revealing that a source familiar with the situation acknowledged that Mrs. Clinton actually could win the Democratic nomination.

“In a divided field she could raise huge bucks, rally older feminist voters, and win like Trump did over a divided field based on sky-high name ID,” the source said.

Not everyone agrees with this.

“The likelihood of Clinton entering the 2020 race is virtually zero. Which means that her comments are probably intended to do exactly as advertised: keep her name in the news cycle in hopes it’ll help her sell more books,” counters Vanity Fair columnist Eric Lutz — citing “The Book of Gutsy Women,” Mrs. Clinton’s latest book which was published Oct. 1 and now ranked at No. 200 on Amazon.

Mr. Lutz also wonders about Philippe Reines — who advised Mrs. Clinton for a decade and recently told Fox News that she was seriously mulling a run.

“It’s less clear why someone like Reines would float the idea of a 2020 bid; maybe he legitimately thinks Clinton is the 2020 savior Democrats need. Maybe he’s simply trolling, playing on Republicans’ most gleeful hopes on the party’s favorite TV station. It’s true that, according to multiple reports, Democrats — and especially those in the establishment wing of the party — are starting to worry. It is probably not true that Clinton will appear to save them, try as Fox might to summon her,” Mr. Lutz concludes.


Those pronounced characteristics and beliefs evident in many members of the press could be a result of their living circumstances. No, really. A sizable number of them live in big city bubbles, far from heartland America.

“New York, Los Angeles and Washington, D.C., are the financial, entertainment and political capitals of the United States — and that may help explain why they are home to a disproportionately large share of the nation’s newsroom employees. About one-in-five newsroom employees (22%) live in these three metro areas, which, by comparison, are home to 13% of all U.S. workers,” says a new Pew Research Center analysis of census data from 2013 to 2017.

“Among the 10 largest U.S. metro areas by total population, only New York and Washington are home to larger shares of the nation’s newsroom employees than of U.S. workers. Newsroom employees are about twice as likely as workers overall to live in New York (12% vs. 7%) and Washington (5% vs. 2%). Los Angeles has about the same share of each (5% of the nation’s newsroom employees vs. 4% of all U.S. workers),” the pollsters says.

“The remaining seven metro areas — Chicago, Miami, Atlanta, Boston, Dallas, Philadelphia and Houston — each have between 1% and 3% of both newsroom employees and U.S. workers overall. These 10 areas combined account for about 35% of all newsroom employees in the U.S., but about 28% of workers overall.”


Yet another poll confirms that young Americans remain charmed by the idea of socialism — and even communism.

“Labor camps, ecological ruin, shortages of everything from aspirin to toilet paper, and the ever-present risk of that midnight knock on the door — what’s not to love about communism? At least, that’s what one out of three millennials must think, according to a new survey conducted by Victims of Communism and YouGov,” writes PJ Media columnist Stephen Green.

“But it gets better, er, worse. Not only did 30% of the 23-38 age cohort have a ‘favorable’ view of communism, 70% said they’d be happy to vote for socialism,” Mr. Green says.

“The press, the universities, and even the dominant popular culture have all been co-opted by the progressive left, after a decades-long march through the institutions. So if you’ve been taught that your victimhood group has rights superior to your own — if you’ve been told your whole life that economic progress is killing the planet, if you believe in your heart that needs and wants trump economic reality — well, then what’s wrong with a little communism?” asks Mr. Green.

“They’ve been taught this; no wonder they believe it. Or as Lenin also said, ‘Give me your four-year-olds, and in a generation I will build a socialist state,’” he concludes.


The mirth and muscle of President Trump’s reelection campaign continues with a new line of items featuring the theme “Stop the Witch Hunt,” reflecting Democratic obsession with impeaching Mr. Trump.

“Hoaxus pocus. The greatest witch hunt in the history of the USA continues. The only people scared this Halloween are Shifty Schiff, Nervous Nancy and Democrat Hack Jerry Nadler about their chances in 2020,” the campaign notes, referring to House intelligence committee Chairman Adam Schiff, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler — all depicted in caricature confronting a crystal ball.

“Congressional Democrats continue their bogus witch hunt of President Trump because they still can’t accept the results of the 2016 election,” says campaign manager Brad Parscale. “The President will continue delivering for the American people as he promised them in 2016, and there is no stopping him.”

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13% of Americans say all their friends have political views similar to their own.

37% of Americans say most have politically similar views.

19% say half their friends have similar views, half don’t.

9% say a few friends have similar views.

3% say none of their friends have similar political views.

19% don’t know what their friends political views are, and couldn’t comment.

Source: A YouGov poll of 16,647 U.S. adults conducted Oct. 21.

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