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It is a news organization with the motto “Real news for real people.” That would be Newsmax TV, available through dozens of major broadcast, cable, satellite and online sources with such on-camera hosts and contributors as Bill O’Reilly, Alan Dershowitz and Michael Reagan. The network currently reaches 70 million people.

That viewership may increase. Newsmax TV has announced a major expansion of its production capabilities and is now ready to hire staff and even new talent to spread its unapologetic conservative message. Chief executive officer Christopher Ruddy says Newsmax has spent the past several years building out the Newsmax TV network’s distribution and is now close to “mission accomplished,” he tells Talkers Magazine, a broadcast industry publication.

Mr. Ruddy is now hiring dozens of producers, bookers, correspondents, anchors and show hosts according to the source.

Newsmax has had “meteoric growth” Mr. Ruddy says, and believes there’s room for more conservatives in American media.

“I like Fox News Channel, but we believe the country needs more conservative voices, not less. Imagine if there was just one conservative website or just one talk radio network,” says the CEO, who plans to muscle up his network and up its competitive ante for the 2020 presidential election.

And one more thing. The production operation is based in New York; Talkers Magazine advises interested potential staffers to send their resumes to [email protected] Indeed, Newsmax is already posting job openings online at job sites frequented by the media community.


“How long can Democrats live on a diet of Nothingburgers?”

So asks Stephen Kruiser, associate editor of PJ Media, citing the Democratic Party’s never-ending zeal to trip up President Trump on a variety of issues.

“My answer is a simple: one side is operating in the real world, and one has been swimming in a sea of delusion for over three years,” writes Mr. Kruiser.


“Americans remain largely mistrustful of the mass media as 41% currently have ‘a great deal’ or ‘fair amount’ of trust in newspapers, television and radio to report the news fully, accurately and fairly. This latest reading represents a four-percentage-point dip since last year,” writes Gallup analyst Megan Brenan.

The findings are tepid, but not as tepid as 2016 when trust in the media hit a record low of 32%. Democrats appear pretty pleased with the media: 69% say they trust it, along with 36% of independents.

Republicans are a completely different story.

President Trump’s description of the media as ‘the enemy of the people’ has undoubtedly colored the views of all Americans. Republicans became increasingly mistrustful of the media in 2016 when Trump was campaigning for president and was sharply critical of the media’s coverage of him. Between 2015 and 2016, Republican trust in the mass media fell 18 points to its historical low of 14%, where it remained in 2017. Following a seven-point boost last year, it has returned to 15%,” Ms. Brenan notes.


Here’s some wisdom as impeachment controversy continues to percolate.

“I think that it’s one of the dumbest and most ridiculous political moves that we’ve seen in history,” former White House press secretary Sarah Sanders tells Fox News.

“I think this should be looked at as an in-kind contribution to the president’s reelection campaign. All this is doing is helping fuel his campaign. They’re raising more money. They’re rallying his base and they’re unifying the Republican Party by attacking this president,” she says.


The data is already in about the rush of Twitter activity centered on the possible impeachment of President Trump. The analytical results are, well, unpredictable.

SEMrush— an online visibility management and content marketing platform — examined the chatter surrounding impeachment,and here is what they found:

“Searches for ‘Trump impeachment’ increased 469% from September 23 to 25,” says the organization, which also found that impeachment tweets were also at peak levels in May, February and November — of 2017.

“Tweets about Trump are surprisingly more neutral than polarizing when looking at data from September 23, 2019 to September 25, 2019. 6.04% were negative, 9.43% were positive, and 84.53% were neutral,” the group says.


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49% of U.S. adults do not approve of plans in Congress to begin impeachment proceedings; 89% of Republicans, 45% of independents and 17% of Democrats agree.

53% of those over age 65, 55% of those 55-64, 55% of those 45-54, 47% of those 30-44 and 33% of those 18-29 also agree.

36% overall say Congress should begin impeachment proceedings; 5% of Republicans, 33% of independents and 66% of Democrats agree.

37% of those over age 65, 35% of those 55-64, 29% of those 45-54, 37% of those 30-44 and 44% of those 18-29 also agree.

15% overall don’t know or have no opinion; 6% of Republicans, 22% of independents and 16% of Democrats agree.

10% of those over age 65, 10% of those 55-64, 16% of those 45-54, 17% of those 30-44 and 23% of those 18-29 also agree.

Source: A POLITICO / MORNING CONSULT poll of 1,994 REGISTERED U.S. voters conducted Sept. 20-22.

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