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Popular news networks advertise themselves as being wholesome and accurate supporters of our best interests. However, whether on local or national networks or in newspapers, if “undocumented migrants” or “immigrants” are not described as the criminal trespassers they are, viewers are not getting the truth from these networks.

People who impose themselves on this country illegally get paid under the table. They steal and devalue jobs while pilfering education, benefits, housing, health care, etc. Prosecution of illegal immigrants is being mischaracterized as unjustified racial discrimination against people of color. Why do news stories heaping responsibility on our government for family consequences resulting from the criminal behavior of foreign nationals get sympathetic priority publication and political favoritism? Isn’t this promoting the same kind of lawlessness these often-coached, purported asylum seekers are supposedly fleeing?

Using the United States as the welfare system for partner countries with multi-billionaires like Carlos Slim does not fit the definition of asylum.

It appears that the advancement of the debt-ridden, supply-side scheme benefiting the few while decimating our domestic manufacturing and flooding the country with illegal labor competition is the cause celebre today. This so profoundly reverses our country’s previously equitable and successful economic and trade policy that it should be considered un-American.


Orchard Park, N.Y.

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