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There are two almost immutable laws of operation that form the basis of America’s political left. The first is that Democrats and leftists foment fear in order to obtain and maintain political power. The other is that they always accuse everyone else, conservatives and Republicans, of acts, words and ideas in which the left is engaged.

If that means that the truth must be adulterated in order to craft a narrative that gins up panic and hysteria, they will shade the truth. Lies beget panic, panic calls for a solution — usually a big spending solution — and the Democrats try to exploit that panic to get more power.

The Democrats are engaged in a disinformation campaign regarding the upcoming election and mail-in ballots that is deceptive and reflective of their goal of winning the election by hook or crook.

Democrats and their left-wing publicists in the media claim that President Trump is going to dismantle the United States Postal Service (USPS). This absurdity typifies both of the Democratic strategies: It is a lie to engender panic, and the stealing of the election is their objective, not the president’s.

They claim that Mr. Trump is going to fiscally starve the behemoth USPS in order to prevent all mailed ballots from being counted. Of course, neither claim is true.

The president signed a bill that provided an additional $10 billion to the USPS just a few weeks ago. At the time, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin said, “While the USPS is able to fund its operating expenses without additional borrowing at this time, we are pleased to have reached an agreement on the material terms and conditions of a loan, should the need arise.”

And, White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows also confirmed on CNN that the White House offered the additional $10 billion in funding to the Postal Service. Refreshing the left’s collective memory about the availability of massive amounts of funding to the USPS ought to have put this phony claim to bed.

But House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is insisting that the House of Representatives return to vote on additional funding for the USPS, which illustrates the Democrats’ overarching theme: Just send money; it will always solve the problem, whatever the problem is, even if there is no real problem.

The second deception that the Democrats are using to try and steal the upcoming election is by conflating the long-established practice of absentee balloting with the election-fraud-producing scam that the left is selling of universal mail-in ballots. By consolidating the two, very different voting procedures, they are trying to scare Americans into believing that Mr. Trump is going to cheat in the upcoming election.

This is consistent with Democrats’ operating strategy and the methodology that they will accuse you of what they are actually trying to accomplish. In this case, the Democrats are trying to steal the election by sending ballots out to every name on every voter roll. But they are fighting against cleaning up the voter rolls. 

Your uncle is dead but still on the voter roll? A ballot comes to his last address in his name. Your cat is somehow on the roll? Fluffy gets a ballot.

Democrats know that their demands will incentivize and produce fraudulent ballots by sending out ballots to those who haven’t requested them. They are OK with that because they think they can win the dead voter and pet cat demographics.

They accuse Mr. Trump of defunding the USPS — when the left really wants to defund the police — and their accusation is a lie. They know that the president supports the long-standing practice of absentee voting, but claim he is against that. Another lie.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is so concerned that she is bringing the House back into session to vote on legislation that means nothing. Oh yeah, it’s urgent alright, but only after the Democratic convention is completed. Oh, and it’s only to give Democrats the opportunity to further the panic-driven narrative, because the Senate isn’t going to hear the speaker’s deceptive bill.

Never forget that the Democrats and left always accuse you of what they are actually doing and that they will prevaricate to further that claim. The left will try and stoke panic in the country, then attempt to spend any amount of money to quell that panic in order to arrogate power.

The deception surrounding the USPS “crisis” is just another great example of Marxian-Democrat duplicity.

• Andy Biggs is a Republican U.S. representative for Arizona.

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