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Carrie Severino, a former Supreme Court clerk who now heads up the Judicial Crisis Network and who helped pen a bestselling book on the takedown of Brett Kavanaugh, said on “Fox & Friends” that Vice President Mike Pence is right to criticize the chief justice because, by all appearances, John Roberts seems decidedly “anti-Trump.”

Now there’s an understatement worthy of exploring.

“Conservatives are deeply alarmed at this pattern of decisions that make Chief Justice Roberts look much more like a politician than a judge and that is not his job,” Severino said.

Quite right.

Roberts, in recent rulings, sided with the liberal wing of the court to in essence say churches are owed less constitutional provisions than, say, casinos in Nevada or groceries in California. That — even as any third grader could tell, America was founded on a pursuit of religious freedom. That — even as the sane justices on the Supreme Court expressed outrage at Roberts’ logic, and reminded, in no uncertain legal opinion terms, that in America, in First Amendment free America, churches aren’t quite the same as Walmart. Or marijuana dispensaries.

Roberts seems to be forgetting his constitutional mission. Pence, in a recent discussion on CBN, called him a “disappointment to conservatives.” And that’s yet another understatement worthy of exploring further.

As Severino wondered aloud: What the heck is Roberts thinking?

“I’m not sure if [there is] sort of an anti-Trump effect on his part,” she said. “[Roberts] likes to say there are no Trump judges or Obama judges. But he seems to be an anti-Trump judge at this point.”

Indeed he does.

Anti-Trump — anti-conservative.

Anti-Constitution, as well.

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