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“‘Coming Home’ contains truths about the relationship between African-Americans and Donald Trump that will not be reported by the media. Vernon Robinson and Bruce Eberle have broken new ground and explain how this relationship is key to President Trump’s reelection.” — Ken Blackwell, former Ohio secretary of state


What do Kay Coles James, Ben Carson, Star Parker, Candace Owens, Ken Blackwell, Diamond and Silk, and Alveda King have in common?

They are bold, compassionate leaders who believe that every person is created equal by God himself. They understand that every human life has infinite value and limitless potential. They have suffered from some sort of discrimination — but are not bitter. Instead, they seek reconciliation, believe in redemption, and work to advance a more just society. They know that hard work, economic freedom, the preservation of the traditional family, and reducing government control are the keys to success.

And they are black Americans who support the policies of President Trump.

If you listen to their personal stories and read their excellent writings, you will understand why they believe that if black Americans — or Hispanic, Asian, white or any other Americans — are to have a better chance of achieving personal success, then Donald Trump must be reelected president.

Leftists, who seek to enslave minorities and hold them captive to government control, don’t want you to read the works of these brave Americans. They use cruel ridicule and slander in an effort to silence them and other heroes from the black community, because they understand that if more people of color knew the truth, they would vote for the freedom policies promoted by Mr. Trump.

We must read and spread their messages so that all Americans can continue to have their lives improved. Read Ms. James’ brilliant writings at Heritage.org or Mr. Carson’s many inspiring speeches at hud.gov. Log on to Ms. Owens’ BlexitFoundation.org or to Ms. Parker’s UrbanCure.org to be inspired. Become educated about the rights of a persecuted people at Ms. King’s CivilRightsForTheUnborn.org.

A fantastic new book by veteran political strategists Vernon Robinson III and Bruce Eberle, titled “Coming Home: How Black Americans Will Reelect Trump,” explains why black Americans will unleash freedom for all of us as they show up in record numbers to vote for Republican candidates and Mr. Trump.

As the authors point out, all we have to do is cut through the noise and lies and share the truth to the black community about who has their best interest at heart, and they will respond. Available on Amazon.com, “Coming Home” has lessons that will lead to victory in this election and for years to come as black Americans come to realize in even greater numbers why the GOP’s policies of freedom and faith are essential for human thriving.

Mr. Eberle (on whose board I serve) has long known that black Americans embrace the freedom message when they hear it. He’s been active in the battle for equality and liberty longer than just about anyone, and spearheaded information campaigns that provided the margin for victory in the black community that Mr. Trump needed to win in 2016.

And the result? American blacks, Hispanics and Asians are enjoying record low numbers of unemployment. The percentage increase in wages is the highest since 2009, and is growing the fastest for low-income workers.

Mr. Eberle continues to make it his mission to obliterate leftist policies designed to keep minorities in poverty, divide Americans and make us all slaves to government.

“America can’t afford to be a divided nation. What gives us strength is unity. When we allow others to divide us for political gain, America is weakened,” Mr. Eberle says. “While ‘Coming Home’ is the story of black Americans coming home to the party of Lincoln and Trump, it’s also a rebuttal of the idea that conservatives have a history of racism and that we are today racists.

“In reality, conservatives are the champions of the downtrodden and of those who have been betrayed by those on the left. And, the very good news is that the sound economic policies of President Trump have helped those at the bottom of the economic ladder the most. What we are witnessing is a rebirth of the American Dream for all our citizens.”

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