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There are no January doldrums in 2020. With Super Tuesday just around the corner, President Trump’s campaign has lined up a fast and furious series of his signature jumbo campaign rallies — a wise decision given the competitive, chaotic nature of the political marketplace. These cheerful, high energy events are a known brand on the campaign trail, and have proved to be effective, media friendly and good for both president and his fans. These legendary rallies typically draw 12,000 cheerful Trump voters inside major arenas, with another 10,000 or so proudly partying outside in their red MAGA hats.

Of particular and slightly hilarious note: Democrats now make up one-fifth of the typical Trump-rally audience according to a demographic study conducted by the Republican National Committee — an incredible finding revealed by none other than Ronna McDaniel, chairwoman of the organization.

“Close to 20% of our rally attendees are Democrats because this president transcends party lines,” she told Fox News in late December.

Indeed. Those hidden Trump fans will join the big GOP crowd in a matter of hours. Thursday finds both Mr. Trump and Vice President Mike Pence journeying to Toledo, Ohio, for the first big rally of the new year — and the 86th rally since Mr. Trump began his quest for the White House.

The Buckeye State is friendly territory, made friendlier by the fact that it added 94,700 jobs last year, with 14,700 of them in manufacturing.

But Ohio also has been called the “ultimate bellwether state” by historians. The University of Virginia Center for Politics examined presidential elections dating back to 1896 and discovered found that no state had a higher percentage of picking the White House winner. Ohio voters backed the national winner in 28 of 30 presidential elections during that stretch.

Mr. Trump won Ohio by 8 percentage points in 2016. During the 2018 midterm election, Democrats lost every statewide bout in Ohio but one.

Meanwhile, rally season is now underway. Mr. Trump will be in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on Tuesday for a repeat rally performance, then it’s on to Wildwood, New Jersey, on Jan. 28 for what should be a behemoth event. Mr. Trump will appear with Rep. Jefferson Van Drew, who recently dropped the Democratic Party and cast his loyalty with the GOP.

In addition, Mr. Trump is also planning a rally in Des Moines, Iowa — timed to coincide with the Democratic caucuses, which take place Feb. 3.


“Fewer voters than ever believe President Trump will be removed from office via impeachment, while a little-changing plurality still thinks he will be reelected in November,” says a new Rasmussen Reports survey.

“Voters believe the president will be reelected, marking little statistical change from the 44% who felt that way in March of last year and the 45% who predicted reelection this past November. Thirty-three percent (33%) think it’s more likely the Democratic nominee will defeat Trump, a finding that has ranged from 26% to 33% in previous surveys,” the pollster says.

Only 12% now think it’s more likely that Mr. Trump will be impeached and removed from office before serving his first full term.


Talk radio — broadcast live before millions of listeners — has spawned another important audience. That wold be those folks who listen to these shows when they are streamed on the internet, on-demand, and at any time of day. Yes, there is an industry source that now measures audiences who listen to popular hosts, well, whenever.

Talk Radio Live has just revealed “The 50 Most Influential and Most Listened-To Streaming Talk Show Hosts” — arriving at their decisions based on the habits of some 36 million listeners measured by listener use of websites, channels, apps and gadgets. It’s complicated.

“The power of politics, personalities and the paranormal played a pivotal role in the power rankings,” the organization says.

But without further ado, here’s the top-20 hosts. Some may be familiar, some not. All are the emerging rulers of the streaming universe, which has definitely come into its own.

Rush Limbaugh is in first place, followed by Michael Savage, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, Clyde Lewis (host of “Ground Zero”), Chris Plante, Glenn Beck, George Noory (host of “Coast to Coast AM”), Howie Carr, Hugh Hewitt, Dennis Prager, Jimmy Church (host of “Fade to Black”), Sebastian Gorka, Ben Shapiro, Brian Kilmeade, Eric Harley and Gary McNamara (hosts of “Red Eye Radio”), Alex Jones, Mike Gallagher, Larry Elder and Richard C. Hoagland (host of “The Other Side of Midnight”).


Making a big debut: “Trump Wars” arrives on NewsmaxTV this weekend; the new series documents “the famous fighting style of President Trump,” according to Meath Television Media, which is producing the project.

“Each episode features Mr. Trump taking on his most notorious opponents, from his 2016 battle to win the GOP primary to his war with the Fake News media. Political commentator and YouTube star Bill Whittle hosts each episode,” the production company advises Inside the Beltway.

Episode 1 of The Trump Wars — “Battle for the GOP” — airs Saturday and Sunday at NewsmaxTV, which is offered by multiple cable and satellite providers and currently reaches 70 million viewers.


83% of the Israeli public have a favorable opinion of the U.S.; 80% of residents in the Philippines, 79% in Poland, 77% in South Korea, 73% in Ukraine, 70% in Lithuania, 68% in Japan, 66% in Hungary, 62% in both Italy and Nigeria, and 60% of those in both Kenya and India agree.

57% of residents in Bulgaria and Britain have a favorable opinion of the U.S.; 56% of residents in Brazil, 54% in Greece and Slovakia, 52% in Spain, 51% in Canada, 50% in the Czech Republic, Australia and South Africa; and 48% in France agree.

46% of residents in Netherlands have a favorable opinion of the U.S.; 45% in Sweden 42% in Indonesia, 41% in Argentina, 39% in both Lebanon and Germany, 36% in Mexico, 33% in Tunisia, 29% in Russia and 20% in Turkey agree.

Source: A PEW RESEARCH CENTER GLOBAL ATTITUDES SURVEY of 36,923 adults IN 33 COUNTRIES conducted May 18-Oct. 2, 2019, and released Wednesday.

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