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Democrats just don’t get that they’re losing, bigly.

I should clarify that the Democrats who do get it aren’t in positions to warn their party of the mistakes they’re making over and over again — or have simply given up on their party — some even starting an autonomous zone in the Capitol Hill area of Seattle. The echo chamber that the Democratic National Committee has created for itself is a utopia of winning — one where everything they do works perfectly and is covered as a great victory by the media — and one that has completely left the world of reality.

Although I could pick from hundreds of recent stories, I will focus simply on Trump Campaign Senior Legal Adviser Jenna Ellis’ appearance on last Sunday’s “Reliable Sources” on CNN. Host Brian Stelter glistened with sweat as he attempted to challenge Ms. Ellis on all of the president’s recent statements and actions. Ms. Ellis in turn challenged Mr. Stelter, who touts himself as CNN’s “Chief Media Correspondent” on whether or not it is right for the media to publish false statements — to which he of course didn’t answer — eventually threatening and belittling her with the line “someday, you’re going to regret this, right?”

Immediately the left-wing Internet — who clearly don’t have church on Sunday mornings — sprung into action. Twitter lit up with Jenna Ellis’ name trending and every name that a woman could be called being thrown at her. Words and phrases that woke social justice warriors told us men should be canceled for were being thrown at the accomplished Ms. Ellis with no justification whatsoever other than they didn’t like her. It was an immediate smear campaign — and it didn’t stop there.

Raw Story, a left-wing publication that pretends to report unbiased news, jumped into action with the headline “Internet stunned by ‘complete psychopath’ Trump attorney Jenna Ellis after she thows a ‘tantrum’ on CNN”. They went on to quote a few of the tweets that agreed with their “unbiased” premise without actually delving into the conversation that was had on air. The Democrats who name-called Ms. Ellis got their highlighted piece and went on to share the article that continued to name-call her. Those tweeters shared that article that will most likely be read and shared by the Biden campaign and the DNC and they will write off everything that happened today as a huge win.  

This is the typical pattern of the left’s echo chamber. Since the 2016 presidential campaign, the left’s propaganda machine has become a self-licking ice cream cone. There’s a reason that Hillary Clinton didn’t put any effort into Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin –- the campaign and Democrat infrastructure was convinced they had locked in an easy win over then-candidate Donald Trump. No poll had her trailing and in fact, the odds of her winning, America was told, were nearly 100%.  

The same pattern is repeating itself now. A CNN poll came out last week that had President Trump trailing former Vice President Joe Biden by 14 points nationally. Predictably, social media erupted and the media covered this — I’m sure the DNC and Biden campaign even took a minute to spike the football in their offices. What they didn’t take the time to do was read the sampling in the poll. Only 25% of the people who were questioned described themselves as Republican, 32% as Democrat, and 44% as independent. Those skewed numbers aside — ask yourself what Trump supporter or even Republican at this point would take a call and a poll from CNN? 

Another huge example of this was the impeachment proceedings. Democrats told their voters that this was the end of President Trump — and their voters believed them and tuned in by the millions on the first day of the proceedings — but then immediately exponentially fell off when they realized there was nothing there. The media coverage on all the news networks was nonstop. On CNN and MSNBC, the echo chamber screeched with glee with every testimony — social media on the left backed that up. And while they all celebrated, every day Democrats and Americans — the ones that have jobs, literally tuned them out. 

One would think by now that Democrats would realize what they’ve created — an echo chamber where they can do no wrong — but they haven’t and they won’t. By listening to their own biased news coverage, trusting their own biased polls and looking at their own biased social media fans, they’ve created a cycle of ignorance to the American people that can’t be corrected before the November election.

I’m so confident in this that I can publish it in about 800 words, describing in depth exactly what they’re doing wrong — giving them a way to rethink and break their party’s destructive pattern — and know for a fact that at best, they’ll just call me names. 

• Tim Young is a political comedian and author of “I Hate Democrats/I Hate Republicans” (Post Hill Press).

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