- The Washington Times - Sunday, June 21, 2020

No wonder Joe Biden is hiding in his basement.

He is going to need more than just a face mask to survive this campaign. Somebody needs to get the guy a body cast after President Trump’s rally in Tulsa on Saturday night.

It is not even elder abuse. I mean, yeah, the guy is near 80 years old and he seems all talked out. Vacant. Lost. And lonely.

But the problem isn’t how long Mr. Biden has been alive. The problem is how long he has been in Washington. Or, as Mr. Trump described it, “four decades of betrayal, calamity and failure.”

The guy has had a storied career. He really should be set out on the front porch in a rocking chair to enjoy his well-deserved sunset. Instead, Washington’s political vultures need another sacrifice atop the Resistance funeral pyre. And, for all Mr. Biden’s charming qualities, intelligence isn’t one of them. Neither is self-awareness.

So, today, in his 78th year, his party finally gives him the shot they have denied him for 30 years. And off they lead him to slaughter.

It is so ugly. And so Washington. But if anybody should know this wicked ritual, it is Joe Biden. He has been sloshing around in the fetid swamp longer than anybody.

Mr. Trump is the incumbent president, yet somehow Democrats picked the one person that allows Mr. Trump to run for reelection — as an outsider! It’s like Mr. Trump is charging the gates all over again. It’s been four years and still he gets to play the barbarian!

And what a beautiful barbarian he was Saturday night.

He hilariously relived his brilliant speech at West Point — you know, the speech that went over all the media’s head. All they could focus on was Mr. Trump’s tepid walk down the long ramp after his speech. And the overly careful manner in which he drank from his water glass.

His long and involved Saturday night re-enactment was a genius case study in how to lead with your weakness. Own it completely. And utterly disarm it with humor.

By the time Mr. Trump got to the punch line — menacingly pointing with a vicious stare at the assembled press — his victims were too stupid to understand what had even hit them.

It was a performance worthy of Hannibal Lecter. As if Dr. Lecter had disemboweled a poor schmuck on the street and was eating his innards before the dope even realized it was his own intestines he was slipping around on.

The New York Times declared Mr. Trump’s comeback rally “disjointed.” Yeah, I bet it seemed disjointed to them. How was breakfast this morning? I bet that was confusing, too.

It sure wasn’t “disjointed” for the crowd gathered in the stadium. Nor was it for the millions who tuned in across the country.

“All of you are warriors,” Mr. Trump declared.

Ever the optimist and ever the leader, Mr. Trump went all in on a bright future for America on Saturday night, applauding those who braved the rally despite all the dire predictions that they would fall prey to the Chinese plague if they showed up.

As always, Mr. Trump lives off the dishonesty of the media who warn of certain death at a Trump campaign rally, even as they applaud the violent mobs burning and looting in the cities.

Mr. Trump could not conjure up more perfect enemies to run against. These are not paper tigers invented by Trump; they are tissue dragons of their own making.

Stealing a Democrat smear against Judge Robert Bork, Mr. Trump warned that the unrest and upheaval in the streets across the country today is simply a product of “Joe Biden’s America.”

“In Joe Biden’s America,” Mr. Trump said, “rioters, looters and criminal aliens have more rights than law abiding citizens.”

Wow. That won’t be the last time you hear that line.

Mr. Biden’s long record, his legacy, his entire flawed career, all of his empty promises are nothing more than one giant hangover.

“Joe Biden will always let you down,” the president said.

Even that, however, is giving Mr. Biden too much credit. Mr. Biden is no longer in charge of his own campaign. Mr. Biden is a puppet being propped up by radical forces desperate to topple Mr. Trump and foist a wildly unpopular, partisan agenda on the American people. A “Trojan Horse for socialism,” Mr. Trump called him.

Even amid all the racial strife that Democrat politicians are angrily ginning up these days, Mr. Trump gave no quarter.

Referring to the economic numbers before the pandemic, he said: “I’ve done more for the black community in four years than Joe Biden has done in 47 years.”


Charles Hurt is opinion editor of The Washington Times. He can be reached at churt@washingtontimes.com or @charleshurt on Twitter.

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