- - Tuesday, June 23, 2020

It has been said that Washington politics is like a NASCAR race, everyone is constantly making left turns. Democrats are turning left at 180 miles per hour while Republicans take the left turns at 120 miles per hour. Republicans need to stop racing. Get off of the track.

Don’t like that analogy? How about this one: Stop digging the hole, it is already deep enough. How about this metaphor: Democrats are kicking in the door to Marxist, totalitarian rule, while Republicans are turning the doorknob.

Why do we always fight on the radical left’s turf?

Democrats have gone hard left. We don’t need to follow them.

As we watch cities burn, CEO’s genuflect; elected officials facilitate elimination of police departments and order the police to stand by as criminals riot, loot and vandalize property and commit violent crimes, Republicans should be urging that these people be arrested, charged and prosecuted.

The current social unrest left the realm of peaceful protests when the Minneapolis mayor ordered his cops to vacate their police precinct building. The Democrats are accelerating into the left turn.

When Democrats claim that there is institutional racism in our police agencies, Republicans don’t cite the reduction in police on African-American shootings by more than 300% over the past five years. Republicans don’t point out the 8,000 murders of African-Americans last year and only 10 police on black shootings (six of whom were attacking officers).

Instead, we accept the premise of violent leftists. We acquiesce to their demands to nationalize local police tactics, and effectively insert the national government into local policing. Under current law, federal agencies will be triggered to intervene if local jurisdictions are violating federal laws or abusing civil liberties.

The newly introduced policing reform legislation from Republicans more broadly unlocks the door for future interference into local policing without constitutional authority. After all, we all know that every time the national government takes control or begins regulating a sector it always turns out perfectly. For example, health care, education, etc.

While Republicans are taking the left turn a little more cautiously, Democrats are accelerating. Democrats have introduced a bill that will effectively emasculate local police agencies. And, while they repeatedly stated in the hearing last week that they don’t want to defund police departments, their bill will effectively eliminate local policing without formal defunding measures.

One congresswoman from Minnesota referred to the Minneapolis Police Department as a cancer that must be amputated. She has urged the dismantling of the police department.

The violent rioters who are vandalizing property, tearing down statues, murdering, assaulting and attacking the innocent are making demands to eliminate the police. In fact, that is a stated goal of the corporate entity of Black Lives Matter.

So, we see from the violent, radical base of the Democrats, right up to the highest political leaders of that Leftist political party, are turning left as hard and fast as they can.

Republicans must fight back, instead of acquiescing to the premises of the hard left. Our history and our institutions are under attack by a lawless mob who seek to undermine and overthrow this nation.

We should not be exceeding constitutional constraints. We should be fighting the mobsters who are attempting to overthrow the government. Legislatively dancing with the Democrats is akin to fiddling while Rome burns. 

The American people see what is happening with clarity. The Democrats are facilitating, they are all in on the attack on our police, our history and our institutions. Americans are wondering why Republicans are still following Democrats on the left turns instead of leaving the racetrack and racing straight forward to American unity, peace, prosperity and our destiny of freedom.

• Andy Biggs is a Republican U.S. representative for Arizona.

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