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George Floyd isn’t just a black man who tragically died at the hands of a white police officer; he’s not just the left’s latest way of showing the supposed inherent racism that cuts across all law enforcement agencies in the country.

He’s become the tool by which socialists, communists, anarchists can topple our nation’s police forces, thereby toppling our nation’s system of law and order.

“Minneapolis council members say they will ‘end’ police department after Floyd death,” Reuters reported.

“Minneapolis City Council members intent to defund and dismantle the city’s police department,” CNN wrote.

And Ward 5 Council Member Jeremiah Ellis — whose government bio page lists him as “an artist and organizer” with a message of “power where there’s people” — wrote on Twitter: “We are going to dismantle the Minneapolis Police Department. And when we’re done, we’re not simply going to glue it back together. We are going to dramatically rethink how we approach public safety and emergency response.”

To what end?

For what purpose?

In a phrase: to destroy.

The cycle of socialist dreaming and scheming is this: First, create chaos and upheaval — which then leads to citizens’ cries for control — which then leads to government’s swooping with solutions — which then leads to resistance against the solutions, a.k.a. police — which then leads to additional government crackdowns — which then leads to more chaos and ultimately, total collapse of societal structures.

Which then leads to the socialists-slash-communists’ dreams come true — an America ripe for utter rebuild.

This is not a theory; this is the game plan.

“Socialists Must Fight to Defund the Police,” wrote New Politics, in one end-of-May headline.

Police, to socialists, are little more than murderers. And the people in the streets tossing bricks through storefront windows? Well, they’re the saving graces.

“What happens in reaction to the seemingly unstoppable nature of police murder in the United States is rage,” New Politics wrote. “As Black liberation fighter George Jackson wrote in one of his many letters … ‘When the peasant revolts, the student demonstrates, the slum dweller riots, the robber robs, he is reacting to a feeling of insecurity, an atavistic throwback to the territorial imperative, a reaction to the fact that he has lost control of the circumstances surrounding his life.’ And thus the city of Minneapolis went into open revolt against the police that murdered George Floyd.”

This is the face of America’s enemy — hate-filled, angry, bent on destruction, delusional, godless and oh-so-committed to cause.

George Floyd may have united a nation in terms of outrage over the police handling of a suspect.

But socialists couldn’t use the unity for political gain. They had to take the death and piggyback it for an anti-police cause. And in their minds, the exploitation is justified because in their minds, however violent the means — it’s all good if it brings the desired ends.

And make no mistake about it: The end, to socialists, is the complete collapse of America as we know it.

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