- The Washington Times - Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Congratulations are in order to Democrats.

Where Hillary Clinton failed, Russia failed, where Ukraine failed, where quid pro quo failed, where collusion failed, where bribery failed, where treason failed, where impeachment failed — a little ol’ bug named coronavirus has succeeded.

President Donald Trump is finally facing a serious political threat. It’s called “recession” — and whether it’s true or not, real or hyped, the fact is, with November just around the corner and Democrats in the desperate position of having no candidate who can beat Trump, the “R” word is being played to full political advantage.

Who needs a winner when it’s oh so much easier to strip the current winner — Trump — of his winning message, i.e. the economy?

Just look at the headlines now.

” ‘Headed for permanent recession’: Paul Krugman sounds the alarm after Treasury yields tumble and interest rates plunge,” Markets Insider reported.

And this, from CBS News: “As coronavirus recession threatens, economists recommend cash for people.”

And this, from Axios: “The market is already pricing in a U.S. recession and QE from the Fed.”

And this, from MSNBC: “Steve Rattner’s charts: Coronavirus re-ignites recession fears.”

And this, from The Washington Post: “Coronavirus panic, stunning market declines fan recession fears.”

And this, from CNN: “How coronavirus could lead some countries into recession.”

And this, from CNBC: “Jim Cramer: Four steps the federal government should take to stave off coronavirus-induced recession.”

My Lord, the way the media angles it, Americans’ best hope is to buy bottled water, rubbing alcohol, disinfectant wet wipes and bundle up for the long haul. Stay home. Do not leave home. (And most importantly, most crucially, most of the mostest critical — do not go shopping?)

Not saying Democrats manufactured coronavirus.

Not even saying the health risks from coronavirus are being manufactured.

But it is curious that at the same time Trump’s economy is full-steam-ahead; at the same time Trump’s rallies are standing room and waiting room only; at the same time the Democrats — still! — can’t find a candidate who can beat Trump, or at the least a full-time volunteer to serve as a Joe Biden prop, to help him stand upright on stage and prompt him when he forgets which office he’s seeking or which city’s residents he’s addressing — it is strange that here comes this coronavirus that’s keeping people quarantined, keeping people home and panicked, and now, threatening to wreak havoc with the economy.

Even though Medical News Today reports this:
“Coronaviruses will infect most people at some time during their lifetime.”

Even though Medical News Today reports this: “These viruses are typically responsible for common colds more than serious diseases.”

Even though frequent hand-washing can go far in halting the transmission of the virus.

That’s not to downplay or dismiss the seriousness of coronavirus.

It is, however, to make the point: Democrats have to be feeling much better, politically speaking, than they’ve felt in months. Their friends in the media are running wild with talk of recession. And if the economy is one of the main forces for picking political candidates, which it is, then at this pace of reporting, the Democrats’ presidential candidate will be well-positioned to swoop in at the right time, pre-election, in the weeks before November, and promise a hope and change for better financial times.

Who needs a new Russia collusion.

There’s coronavirus.

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