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I was unfortunate enough to have watched a full episode of “The View” this past week and on it, I witnessed the microcosm of leftist media arguing over Bernie Sanders. Near the top of the show, Joy Behar, who has supported Mr. Sanders in the past, got into an argument with Meghan McCain over her past support of the candidate.  

In the argument, Ms. McCain hit Ms. Behar with the fact that she even named her dog after Mr. Sanders, to which Ms. Behar stumbled over herself for an excuse and landed on the fact that it was a joke. 

You might ask yourself why this instance of everything I could pull as examples of arguments over Mr. Sanders is significant. It’s because Ms. Behar is the literal representation of the left-wing media. She was fine with Mr. Sanders with his socialism and unaffordable handouts for America up until he became the potential candidate for president.

The left’s media friends have had no problems with him at all. They loved his concepts of free health care, free child care, and free — well, basically free everything up until recently. For months, he would make fun appearances on their shows to poke fun at how they were going to beat the “Orange man” in the White House and how he was going to be the one who did it, never giving him an even remotely difficult question — until this past week.

Sen. Sanders’ winning the first few primary states scared them — not because they don’t agree with socialism and what he’s saying, but because they know he can’t stop President Trump’s re-election bid. Never before this week was he seriously asked how he was going to pay for any of his plans — and if he was given the question, he would mutter something about the top 1 percent paying more.  

That was a good enough answer for everyone on the left — before last week — even though it completely disregards the facts that any reasonable billionaire would move to a country that was a better tax haven if they suddenly had a tax increase; that the tax isn’t on the money they already have, but on what they currently make (which isn’t nearly as much as their total wealth); and that even if you literally took all of the top 1 percent’s money from them, it wouldn’t cover the tab that Bernie is creating.

Now, they have to come to terms with the fact that Bernie’s plans — even if they like them — aren’t going to fly with normal Americans. For the first time last week he was seriously questioned by Anderson Cooper as to how he would pay for all of his handouts and he ducked and dodged a little worse than before. Left-leaning pundits also started questioning his calls for a revolution in the country when the country isn’t all that bad and doesn’t need one. And when he spoke about his record in Congress, they pointed out that he had only been the primary sponsor of seven successful bills in his entire career; two of which are naming post offices.

I’m sure Thaddeus Stevens and Matthew Lyon were great guys. 

Bernie Sanders’ candidacy is the death of the Democratic Party as we and the leftist media know it. They even pulled James Carville, the godfather of modern Democratic strategy, out of retirement to yell about it on TV — but it might be too late.

You would think after the leftist media and their outrage contributed greatly to the rise of the current president of the United States that they would have learned their lesson, but they didn’t. If you don’t like a public figure and you want them to go away, you simply don’t give them publicity. You don’t rage about them on air constantly and make them seem like victims fighting a system — that draws people to them. It doesn’t take a genius to figure this out — but perhaps the media who elevated Mr. Trump and now Mr.. Sanders aren’t geniuses — perhaps they aren’t even as smart as you reading this now.  

The media lives in their own bubble, one that has shifted from merely covering stories to spinning everything to be the worst. Gloom, doom and the extreme sell — they’ve learned this by watching how clickbait operates on the Internet. They took those lessons to heart and translated them into how they present the news — and once again, they shot themselves in the foot.  

• Tim Young is a political comedian and author of “I Hate Democrats/I Hate Republicans” (Post Hill Press).

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