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Some observers spot ulterior motives behind feel-good, “stay safe” cautions from Democratic politicians and officials, who persuaded much of the public on mail-in voting, lockdowns of healthy people and other ways to foil the coronavirus.

Parents and families who must cope with shuttered schools — particularly those affected by edicts in New York City and other urban areas — face considerable, disheartening and unwieldy challenges. Restaurants, sports teams, entertainment venues and cultural destinations also suffer. Consider that all 20 museums of the Smithsonian Institute plus the National Zoo will be closed until further notice. Those museums drew as many as 30 million annual visitors in recent years.

“Due to the changing nature of the situation, we are not announcing reopening dates at this time,” stated a notice from the Museum of American History.

Which brings us to the holiday season.

“Now in the name of ‘risk’ and ‘safety, Americans — of all people, Americans — are allowing politicians to cancel Thanksgiving when those politicians do not even have the legal authority to cancel Thanksgiving, when those politicians are repeatedly caught violating their own social distancing rules,” writes John Nolte, editor at large for Breitbart News.

“Next up is Christmas. Are you going to allow fascist governors without the legal authority to do so to cancel your Christmas, even as these same governors encourage riots and protests and political celebrations, even as they themselves prove they do not believe the virus is all that serious through their own behavior?” Mr. Nolte asks.

“What comes next after cancelling Christmas? I wonder. Oh, it’s going to be climate lockdowns. You can bet your ass on that. We’ll be locked down to clear the air, for our own good, for risk and safety reasons. And why not? We’ve already proved ourselves sheep. Shame on all of us,” Mr. Nolte concludes.

Meanwhile, politically biased cancel culture flourishes elsewhere.

“Cancel culture calls on Disney to fire Star Wars actress for wanting free and fair elections,” reports BizPac Review analyst Tom Tillison, who says that Gina Carano — star of “”Star Wars: The Mandalorian” — is getting much unkind pushback on social media after expressing her concern about election fraud.
Among that pushback is the hashtag #FireGinaCarano.


“Marshmallow media.”

Handy new term from Joe Concha, media columnist for The Hill. meant to describe the cuddly new behaviors of the press when dealing with presumptive President-elect Joseph R. Biden.

“If you think anything will change after Jan. 20, think again. We saw it throughout the campaign. We see it now in the transition. And we’ll see it in a Biden administration — a carefully choreographed, risk-averse and packaged president who will provide a fraction of the access that President Trump has given,” Mr. Concha writes.


“Propaganda polls.”

Another handy term, this from Mollie Hemingway, senior editor of The Federalist, who points to carefully constructed, manipulative opinion surveys deployed to make President Trump look bad.

Newt Gingrich is also leery of this press-driven phenomenon.

In an essay for Newsweek published all the way back in June, Mr. Gingrich cited polls which clearly indicated that then-Democratic nominee Joseph R. Biden was winning the popularity derby and would win the 2020 election — no doubt about it.

“A standard propaganda media polling offensive,” he called it.


Yes, patriotism is still lauded in America no matter what happens in politics and the press.

Fox News weekend host and decorated combat veteran Pete Hegseth will host the network’s second annual Patriot Awards — a showcase for genuine heroes in the military, among first responders and in other fields. Mr. Hegseth has never forgotten those he served with in Afghanistan, Iraq and Cuba — and it’s given him insight.

“Of course my heart goes back to the men I served with on the battlefield. These men are the real 1% of America — the warriors who are willing to put their lives on the line for me, for their brothers, and for our freedom. Sure, there are lots of everyday heroes in our lives; but our combat troops are extraordinary heroes, leaving their lives, families, and future on the line for Americans they will never meet,” Mr. Hegseth tells Inside the Beltway.

Mr. Hegseth, incidentally, holds a degree in political studies from Princeton University and a master’s degree in public policy from Harvard University.

The event itself is a star-studded lineup for Fox News fans featuring such hosts, analysts and contributors as Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Ainsley Earhardt, Brian Kilmeade, Steve Doocy, Dana Perino, Rachel Campos-Duffy, Abby Hornacek, John Rich, Johnny Joey Jones, Dan Bongino, Tammy Bruce and Tomi Lahren.

Musical contributions will be offered by Lee Greenwood, Jessie James Decker, Phil Vassar, Easton Corbin, Tyler Farr, Clint Black, Natalie Grant and Thompson Square, among others.

The awards show will premiere at 8 p.m. on Fox Nation, the network’s digital streaming service, with an encore presentation on Fox News Channel and Fox Business Network at 10 p.m. and 11 p.m. respectively, on Sunday, Nov. 22.


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⦁ 37% of registered U.S. voters say “a lot” of voter fraud occurred in the 2020 presidential election; 74% of Republicans, 39% of independents and 6% of Democrats agree.

⦁ 27% say “a little” fraud occurred; 18% of Republicans, 31% of independents and 30% of Democrats agree.

⦁ 29% say no voter fraud occurred; 5% of Republicans, 22% of independents and 55% of Democrats agree.

⦁ 7% are not sure; 3% of Republicans, 8% of independents and 9% of Democrats agree.

Source: An Economist/YouGov poll of 1,500 registered U.S. voters conducted Nov. 15-17.

⦁ Helpful information to jharper@washingtontimes.com.

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