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Frustrating and unnerving presidential election mysteries continue as the nation waits to see who emerges as the victor amid the fog of political war, biased media coverage and questionable voting procedures.

Conservatives and Republicans, however, have not wasted a moment responding in this fast escalating situation. Matt Schlapp, chairman of the American Conservative Union, has launched an all-out clarion call to those who support President Trump — along with anyone else concerned about the election’s veracity. Among many other things, Mr. Schlapp has introduced the hashtag #StopTheSteal.

“If we don’t fight, we will lose. It’s that simple. We must hold election officials’ feet to the fire, and we must do it now,” he says in a new public outreach which immediately picked up speed and warranted censorship on Twitter, embellished with a notice that the content was “disputed and might be misleading about an election or other civic process.”

Mr. Trump and some GOP lawmakers also have gotten such notices in the past 24 hours.

“Follow us closely on social media for specific instructions on what to do to keep it that way. Stick close,” advises Mr. Schlapp, who journeyed to Nevada to further his point, accompanied by Richard Grennell, former acting director of national intelligence, and other GOP heavyweights.

“The presidency hangs in the balance. We want to ensure that the counting that occurs and the results can be respected by every American voter across this land, and truly across this world,” Mr. Schlapp advised during an appearance Thursday in Las Vegas.

Mr. Schlapp insists that “every ballot is an acceptable, compliant ballot” — and that no voter can be disenfranchised.

“Not on our watch,” he vows.


“Be of good cheer. It’s not over yet,” counsels Melissa Mackenzie, publisher of the American Spectator — even as the din of partisan dispute grows louder.

“If you’re in one of the swing states, go to the marches being organized. Stage nightly vigils. Peaceful protests. Sit-ins. Send money to those states’ GOP for the coming legal battles. Fight. For those of us spread to the winds, we can put out our American flags, donate money, and even more, festoon our homes with lights early and in a big way for Christmas. Biden promises darkness. We should be lights. So let’s put up literal lights,” Ms. Mackenzie says in an advisory.


“If a won election is not reported, is it a won election?” asks David Solway, a columnist for PJ Media.

“Everyone knows the old teaser: If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?” he writes.

“The analogy with the current electoral muddle is obvious. Everyone knows that President Trump has won the 2020 election. Everyone knows that electoral tampering has been massive and ubiquitous, and that a fair vote would have borne landslide numbers for the president,” Mr. Solway continues, citing such factors ballot harvesting, mail-in voting and extended vote tallying after the polls closed.

“Everyone knows that the fix was in from the start,” Mr. Solway says.

“The question remains: If Trump won the election but the fact is not reported, did he win the election? Did the tree fall? If the media have their way, no one will hear the tree and no one will hear the electoral outcome. A walk through the political forest would settle the issue, but who’s walking? Perhaps a handful of responsible journalists and, hopefully, a plurality of conscientious voters. For the tree did indeed fall,” the columnist advises.


“Border Patrol agents apprehended about half as many migrants at the U.S.-Mexico border in fiscal 2020 as they did the year before, according to newly released federal data. The sharp drop in the number of apprehended migrants follows a virtual shutdown of the border and new restrictions in the way asylum cases are handled in response to the coronavirus outbreak,” writes Ana Gonzalez-Barrera, a Pew Research Center analyst, citing new data from U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

“There were 400,651 apprehensions in the 2020 fiscal year (October 2019-September 2020), a 53% decrease from the previous fiscal year,” she says.

And some more numbers: Along the southwestern border between the U.S. and Mexico, agent encounters with families are down by 89%; encounters with unaccompanied children by 60% and with single adults by 5%.

On another topic altogether, let’s have a round of applause for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, which this week alone assisted in the seizure of $249 million worth of cocaine hidden in banana pulp, in partnership with the Australian Border Force.

They also returned 9th-century Italian manuscripts and an ancient Roman coin to the nation of Italy. The federal agency maintains a Cultural Property, Art and Antiquities Investigations division which investigates crimes involving the illicit import and distribution of cultural property and art.


For sale: Sandpoint Lake Island, private, two-acre, heavily wooded island located on a remote Minnesota lake on the Canadian border. Eight structures; features one main cabin and two guest cabins; sleeps 12. Electric kitchen and sauna plus hot tub, composting toilets, oversized dock. Priced at $640,000 through Privateislandsonline.com. Listing includes an interesting video.


• 41% of registered U.S. voters say that if their favored presidential candidate does not win, “the country will never recover”; 42% of Republicans, 42% of independents and 42% of Democrats agree.

• 37% overall say if their candidate loses, “the country will suffer for four years, then have a chance to change direction”; 35% of Republicans, 37% of independents and 40% of Democrats agree.

• 8% overall say the country will stay the same because “it doesn’t really matter who is president”; 11% of Republicans, 9% of independents and 4% of Democrats agree.

• 13% are not sure what will happen; 12% of Republicans, 11% of independents and 14% of Democrats agree.

Source: A Yahoo News poll of 1,500 registered U.S. voters conducted Oct. 30-Nov. 1.

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