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OWENSBORO, KENTUCKY — HIS church Pastor Brian Gibson said in a sit-down interview that if Joe Biden wins this November, and not Donald Trump, “it’s the death of America” — that “a Joe Biden win is a win for Marxism,” he added.

Ain’t that the truth.

The Democratic Party has been moving to the left for some time, so much so that socialism, which is simply the younger sister of communism, has become the open, talked-about, welcomed and even embraced system of governance. Remember the remarks of Tom Perez, Democratic National Committee chairman?

On Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez-Cortez, in July of 2018, he said this: “[S]he really — she represents the future of our party.”



That’s the Democratic Party, in their own words.

And let’s not forget the easy-peasy abortion on demand that’s become one of the shrill demands of the party, too.

“A Joe Biden win is a win for Marxism,” said Gibson. “It’s a win for — I don’t call it pro-choice, I call it pro-death. ‘Cause now we’re talking 9-month abortion, the babies coming down the birth canal, killing it … it’s the death of America.”

Gibson has been on the front line of fighting some of the most stringent coronavirus crackdowns on recent months, the ones that saw leftist, secularist governors and local bureaucrats shutting down churches but simultaneously keeping open fast food restaurants, Walmarts, liquor and marijuana stores — all free and clear of the standards imposed upon God’s congregations. And he’s not exactly afraid to be labeled political.

“I was talking to some 20-year-olds recently and they asked about why I was traveling the country, why I was fighting to open up churches, and I’m like, ‘I’m protecting our First Amendment rights.’ And they didn’t know what the First Amendment was,” Gibson said.

Thank you, public school system.

Thank you liberal-run, socialist-infused public schools, with all your calls for union rights and all your demands for self-esteem training for kids — forgetting, failing, outright refusing in the meantime to teach proper civics and truthful history and crucial topics like the Constitution.

So what to do to fix the far-left turn the Democrats want to take the nation?

“It’s education,” Gibson said. “It’s fighting back, and it’s pushing back. It’s speaking out, it’s not being afraid. It’s being bold.”

It’s behaving like a prophet of the Lord — and not letting the government become the new god. It’s behaving, in fact, like Jesus.

“If you look through the Scriptures, the prophets are always speaking out against politicians,” Gibson said. “As a matter of fact, it’s what they do. … Jesus spoke against four different political groups. Jesus was very political. A lot of people don’t understand that. So this idea … pastors can’t be political, has no foothold in biblical revelation. It’s simply a secular play to shut the mouth of the prophet.”

Or, in a more secular scenario, it’s a play that goes like this: The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for men and women of good character to do nothing.

Christians must fight for America, or America will fall to the secularists, and individual freedoms — that is, the Founding Father concept of individual rights coming from God, not government — will dry and disappear. Simple as that.

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