- The Washington Times - Friday, October 30, 2020

Columnist Margaret Carlson elicited fierce feedback on Friday after telling readers that “a fair number of psychiatrists” have diagnosed people like her with Trump-related PTSD.

The Daily Beast writer received a signal boost from CNN’s Brian Stelter for her latest piece titled “I Should Be Confident About Next Tuesday. I’m Petrified” prior to the wave of incredulity. 

“Lately, when I talk about this election, I sound like Debbie Downer,” she wrote. “With polls showing Biden with a lead in most battleground states, why don’t I have champagne on ice ready to celebrate the blowout a few days away? Many political analysts, and a fair number of psychiatrists, say folks like me suffer from PTSD triggered by the 2016 election and it prevents us from seeing the blue wave headed our way. Polls, they say, are different this time. Really?”

Ms. Carlson added that only illegal moves on President Trump‘s part could result in his re-election.

“Our anxiety is due to things we saw all too clearly four years ago and some we’ve only begun to see in the last few months,” she continued. “Trump loves to say the only way he can lose is if Democrats rig the election. The truth, usually the opposite of whatever Trump says, is that the only way Biden can lose is if Trump rigs the election, which is exactly what he’s been doing for some time now.”

Critics were quick to sound off.

“As a veteran of OIF, those ‘political analysts can kiss my ass,” responded one man in Mr. Stelter‘s Twitter feed. “That’s highly disrespectful to people who actually have PTSD.”

“Can we pump the brakes on labeling everything as PTSD now,” added another.

Sean Davis of The Federalist also ripped his industry peer.

“‘My team lost so I got upset’ is not PTSD, you disgusting hack,” he wrote. “Stop calling your social class’s inability to accept life when it doesn’t go your way PTSD. None of you idiots has PTSD. What you have is the mindset and temperament of spoiled children.”

Ms. Carlson was adamant, however, that “if Trump can’t beat Biden at the ballot box, he’ll work the refs. And if that doesn’t work, he’ll see Biden in court.”

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