- The Washington Times - Friday, September 18, 2020

Herschel Walker, ex-NFL star, all-around athletic stand-out, whipped out a whiteboard, a la Karl Rove, on “Fox & Friends” to show the score of Donald Trump versus Joe Biden on issues of importance to voters — and with National Black Voter Day as the background, called on the nation to quit separating the people by skin color.

It’s a much-needed message in these race-torn tumultuous times.

“There are so many people losing their jobs, losing their lives,” he said. “It’s sad that today everybody wants to talk about color. Instead of being an African American [man], why can’t I just be a man?”

Good question. Here’s the answer: Because the Democrats need to split the country in order to grab votes — because nothing says Vote Democrat like pinning a racist button on the chests of Republicans. And because the left leaners in the media scream racist, racist, racist every chance they get as a means of carrying water for the Democrats they love.

Divide and conquer; it’s the Democratic way.

Walker said Blacks ought to be giving Trump a second look this election, though.

By the numbers — by the whiteboard score card — Walker compared Trump’s 5.8% unemployment to the Barack Obama-Biden administration’s 12.9%; Trump’s 1.1 million jobs’ creation figure to the Obama-Biden administration’s 145,000; Trump’s criminal justice reform and First Step Act to the Obama-Biden “mass incarceration” figures; and Trump’s “incredible peace treaty” and fostering of amicable relations among foreign governments to the Obama-Biden’s failure to end the war in Afghanistan.

“This is like offense defense [for] special teams,” Walker said. “I think President Trump may be winning.”

Walker’s comments come as polls show a tightening of Trump-Biden races in several key states and a rising distaste of American voters of all political walks for the anti-police sentiment in the streets, followed by the violence from the left.

In other words: Trump indeed may be winning.

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