- The Washington Times - Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Washington, D.C., Mayor Muriel Bowser says she fears a “race war” is coming to America.

So her reaction is to consider an advisory panel’s recommended removal of the Washington Monument, the Thomas Jefferson Memorial, the Andrew Jackson statue, and a host of other deemed racist objects of offense.

Yeah, that’ll do it.

That’ll stop the drug wars, the gang wars, the race wars. That’ll put an end to the nonstop red-light panhandling of the city’s many addicts and mentally ill, and provide them with the housing and psychiatric treatment they need. That’ll solve the fatherless home, broken home, single-family home crises in D.C. that have led, in part, to all the drifting, aimless, angry children in the streets, protesting police when they should be learning in school.

It’s ridiculous. This proposal is ridiculous.

Insert eyeball rolling emoji here.

“Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser Wants to Wipe Out America’s History,” The National Interest wrote.

“Democrat Committee Proposes Removing Or Shaming DC Memorials,” The Federalist wrote.

“DC panel targets Jefferson Memorial and Washington Monument,” Action News JAX wrote.

It’s a proposal that’s aimed at giving the boot to America’s history, America’s founding, America’s structure.

“The Working Group’s research revealed that more than 70% of assets named in the District of Columbia are named for white men, many of whom were not District residents,” the report from the local advisory commission, DC Faces, found.

So the recommendation is to “remove, relocate or contextualize” scores of historic monuments, tourist attractions and memorials.

Why not the city’s name? Washington? Columbia-slash-Columbus, of oh-so-offensive Christopher fame?

On the hit list are such notables as Washington and Jefferson — their monuments must go — as well schools names after James Monroe, Zachary Taylor, John Tyler, Woodrow Wilson, as well as all things named Alexander Graham Bell and Francis Scott Key, as well as all things named Benjamin Franklin.

This would be great comedic material.

Except these recommendations are real.

Remember this, though: A country that stands for nothing will fall for anything.

The more the America haters and America apologists wipe, smear and erase America’s history, the less America stands as a nation. With no identity, no roots, there is no clear future.

And maybe, likely, most probably, that’s exactly what the anarchists want.

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