- - Monday, April 26, 2021

All the press and politicians want to talk about when it comes to COVID-19 are numbers: cases, deaths and vaccinations. Nowhere in the discussion is the effect it is having on our young people, particularly those in their teens and early 20s, who are venturing into the adult world.

This age is the time where parental influence starts to wane and peers become the biggest influence. Peers share with one another the growth, trials and tribulations, and doubts that are part of this phase of life as they leave behind the protected state of childhood. Yet what have our politicians, school boards, teachers and teachers unions done? They have essentially closed schools for these transitioning young people, while opening schools for the more parentally dependent young children.

The older children are left home alone as their parents work, yet they have no social interaction with the peers they lean on and commiserate with. Because of that, violence is increasing throughout the country. While the politicians are busy yelling about gun control, the young men and women who internalize their feelings because their normal outlets (peers) are unavailable, are committing suicide at unprecedented rates. Those who externalize their feelings, usually slightly older youth, are lashing out and attacking those they believe are causing their pain. The press is quick to report the incidents and then blame guns, but it does nothing to try to find out and report why it is happening.

Humans are social animals. COVID-19 is a disease that has been so emphasized that socialization has been taken from our teenagers and young adults — and they and others are dying needlessly because the so-called responsible adults in the room would rather make talking points, improve their benefits or further their programs than help our young.


Woodbridge, Va.

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