- - Thursday, April 29, 2021

Judge Andrew Napolitano is spot-on in “Biden’s unconstitutional debt burdens future generations” (Web, April 28). He writes about the national debt soaring to an astounding $28.2 trillion. That essentially means that every citizen, on the day he or she is born, has a debt of $85,400.

However, that is tip of the iceberg. The nation’s “unfunded liability,” or true debt, is $162.9 trillion. That is the amount Congress has promised to pay in the future. And most of the spending is, as Judge Napolitano writes, unconstitutional.

What does that mean for future generations? Every child born will start life with a burden of $492,870 and growing. I encourage people to look at usdebtclock.org. 



Fairfax, Va.

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