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In early August, former President Barack Obama held a birthday party for himself that included a guest list of hundreds — hundreds of non-face-mask-wearing, non-social distance doing, drinking and dancing celebrities and elites. By the end of August, Martha’s Vineyard emergency rooms were filled with COVID-19 clients. 


Yes — as the Obama-fawning media would have it believed.

Not so fast — as common sense would have it more truthfully told.

“Its Emergency Room Jammed, Hospital Feels Impact of Case Spike,” The Vineyard Gazette wrote a few days ago.

“COVID-19 cases spiking in Martha’s Vineyard, but no link to Obama’s birthday party reported two weeks later,” Yahoo! News wrote, also a few days ago.

Of course, there’s no reported link.

The Democrats in most of America’s media won’t have that. The water carriers for the anti-American socialist movement sweeping across the country who disguise themselves as members of the unbiased press won’t stand for that.

Deny at all costs. And when the denial becomes evident, deny even more.

Throughout August, Martha’s Vineyard saw a rise in COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations. But since Obama’s birthday party — since his merry birthday party guests began to take up temporary spot on Martha’s Vineyard — hospitalizations and test positives in the county that includes the island jumped 179 percent. That’s according to The New York Times. That’s according to the Obama-loving, Obama-defending, Democrat-fawning New York Times.

In other words: Imagine what the even truer numbers are.

“This is the highest amount of COVID-positive patient activity that we’ve had since the onset of the pandemic,” said Clair Seguin, chief nurse and head of operations at the island’s only hospital, The Washington Free Beacon reported.

“We’re bursting at the seams,” said another hospital administrator, Denise Schepici, who serves as CEO and president.

At least Obama got his party, though. That’s what’s important.

And to his fans in the media, Obama is actually the victim here. He did, after all, cut back his guest significantly out of concern for the spreading the coronavirus. What a guy.

But this tails neatly with how the Democratic Party, the mainstream media and their whip-cracking friends in the federal health bureaucracies have behaved for over a year on the coronavirus: The rule is super spreader events only apply when they’re Republican.

A Donald Trump rally: bad.

A Democrat birthday bash: A-OK.

This is how the coronavirus control works.

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