- The Washington Times - Tuesday, December 14, 2021

President Biden scored poor marks with the American people in a recent poll that rated his executive leadership in three key areas: gun control, the coronavirus and inflation.

This president is losing favor with the American public to such an extent that he’s giving dismal a positive spin. It’s a spiraling trend the Democrats are dreading, given the midterms are right around the corner. For example: Maine’s Rep. Jared Golden jumped Democratic ship to join Republicans in voting against Biden’s costly “Build Back Better” package. Then there was this damaging November headline from The Washington Post: “Poll shows Democrats prefer someone else to Biden in 2024.”

It can’t be due all to Biden’s age — which, at 79, already makes him the oldest commander-in-chief to serve.

It has to be due to his policies, as well.

As ABC News/Ipsos just found, 45% of Americans disapprove of Biden’s handling of the pandemic. And while 53% still approve, the significant finding here is that in March, just a few months ago, fully 72% of Americans gave thumbs-up to Team Biden’s COVID-19 response.

At that rate, Biden will be bottoming out by early 2022.

Meanwhile, two-thirds of Americans disapprove of how this White House deals with gun violence and crime, and another 57% are hating on his handling of the economy. Can you say empty shelves?

Merry Christmas.

Once again, the larger significance of the survey comes with the comparison to previous months. In October, 47% gave Biden high marks on White House economic policy; now, it’s only 41%. And the White House has fallen so low in favor with the American public on its handling of crime that the administration is making history. The 61% of Americans who disapprove of his handling of crime represent a career low — meaning, the lowest he’s sunk since his swearing-in ceremony.

And think on this: Biden still has three years to go.

There’s still lots of time to drive down poll numbers even more. Joe Biden, giving new meaning to the word dismal.

That’s on target to be the Biden administration’s legacy.

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