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Democrats are busily scurrying for a fresh new face to run for 2024 — because, as the whispers go, the current face, Joe Biden, isn’t working out too well, presidentially speaking, that is. He can’t get inflation under control, he can’t get the coronavirus under control, he can’t keep Russia in control. Yada, yada, the theme repeats.

But turning to Madam Hillary would be a mistake. That is to say, one conservative to another: Do it, Democrats. Do it now. Republicans would love a clean sweep of the three major circles of federal political power in 2024 — House, Senate and White House. Yay, Team Hillary. Go, Club Clinton. 

“Hillary 2024? Given the competition, she may be the Dems’ best hope,” one opinion contributor wrote at The Hill.

And with that, the Democratic National Committee’s newest hanging, dangling motto, mounted at office entrances nationwide, became, Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Enter Here.

Seriously, though, Democrats are really bottom scraping for a White House winner come 2024. Who do they have who could beat Donald Trump? Who could they run who could best Ron DeSantis? 

Who could they run who could beat that guy with the weird beard who still lives with his mom in the brick house down the road, for that matter?

CNN has floated some suggestions — among them are Stacey Abrams, former Georgia state representative and failed governor hopeful; Gretchen Whitmer, governor of Michigan who so terrorized her state residents with coronavirus clampdowns that a criminal element actually plotted her kidnapping; and Phil Murphy, governor of New Jersey who barely squeaked out a reelection win against Jack Ciattarelli — you know, the guy pollsters predicted would go down in flames and 10-plus losing-point shame.

The trio’s common denominator?

They’re hated by all in America except for the far left.

Then again, that kind of describes HRC, too. Perhaps Clinton, as divisive as she is, truly is the best of the batch. After all, hatred for Murphy is fairly recent — as recent, really, as the coronavirus and his crazed crackdowns on civil liberties. Clinton hate goes back a bit.

The Democrats’ best chance for White House win seems to be the candidate who brings the least memories — or, put another way, the candidate who can most appeal to, simultaneously, the dementia crowd and the recent college graduates, new to politics.

Or, speaking of dementia, put even another way: the candidate who can get Biden’s vote. 

However you slice it, Democrats’ greatest hope for another White House win comes from the candidates they will never support as a party — Sen. Joe Manchin, for one. Tulsi Gabbard, for another. The party’s moved too far left to give these guys a second look, however. The socialists within the system, the Marxists making cultural and political gains these last few years, the globalists at the top, the bureaucratic deep state types who want to keep power tight behind closed doors — these types want either a puppet they can push around or a player they can count on to do the right anti-America First thing. Manchin and Gabbard like America too much to win current party favor.

That leaves Biden for a second term, at the ripe old stuttering age of 83.

Suddenly, HRC seems plausible. All hail the ultimate Hail Mary.

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