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In Chicago, the dead vote. In Connecticut, they get elected to the United States Senate.

Sen. Richard Blumenthal, the war hero and Connecticut Democrat, has been in the Senate since 2011. According to his official portrait from when he assumed office, he was already dead in 2011. Since then, Skelator has only further decayed.

Today, Mr. Blumenthal looks like an unwrapped mummy.

So it was hardly news to find his corpse cavorting earlier this month with his state’s branch of the communist party, a group called the Connecticut People’s World Committee. Communists, after all, have contributed more death to the earth than any other form of government ever devised by man. In just the past 100 years, communists have killed over 100 million humans. 

Many of those humans died from communism’s efforts to feed people. Many more were just murdered for not going along with the program.

What was remarkable about Mr. Blumenthal’s appearance before the Nutmeg communist klatch was how furiously he later denied associating with communists. 

“Let me just say very emphatically: I’m a Democrat and a strong believer in American capitalism,” he claimed after he was exposed. “I have been consistently a Democrat and a strong supporter and believer of American capitalism.”

He had no idea, he said in a telephone interview with his local paper, that it was a bunch of commies who invited him, introduced him and lustily applauded him.

“If I had known the details,” he said, “I wouldn’t have gone.”

And it’s not even Christmas yet!

Best of all, there is a video of the event, at which Mr. Blumenthal was introduced by a communist named Lisa Bergmann, who — according to the internet — is a “youth leader” for the Connecticut Communist Party.

“Thank you all,” Ms. Bergmann told the assembled communists.

“This is a beautiful tribute from all of our labor leaders honoring how important the communist party is in our movement — not just in Connecticut but all across the whole world,” she enthused as she introduced Mr. Blumenthal.

As she spoke, Ms. Bergmann appeared incapable of smiling. Killing 100 million humans is grim business.

“Today, now, we have a very special guest,” she went on. “Our state’s Senator Richard Blumenthal!”

As the crowd cheered, Mr. Blumenthal stepped to the podium wrapped in a black face mask. As she made way for the great senatorial cadaver, a faint smile appeared to cross Ms. Bergmann’s face. For some, proximity to death can be a powerful elixir.

If Mr. Blumenthal’s corpse was surprised by all the communists, he did not show it.

“Thank you SO much,” he said as he unwrapped his face. “I am really excited and honored to be with you today and to share this remarkable occasion.”

Nor did he put up much of a fight for capitalism or democracy.

“Now turning our attention to economic equity — this agenda requires us all to work together,” Mr. Blumenthal said in solidarity. He praised the communists for working to achieve an “equitable, fair, just America” — unlike the dung heap our lousy American founders left us.

“Thank you for fighting for it,” Mr. Blumenthal told the commies. “Thank you for your help and support over many, many years.”

Now, what is even more remarkable about this commie confab is that it wasn’t just Mr. Blumenthal getting honored by the assembled communists. He actually brought with him sheaves of certificates — “special recognition from the Senate,” he called them — for the Connecticut communists.

Just think how far Mr. Blumenthal has come since he risked his life fighting the communists in the jungles and swamps of Vietnam. Or, didn’t. But claimed to.

And people wonder why former President Donald Trump got elected and will again if he decides to run in 2024.

• Charles Hurt is the opinion editor at The Washington Times.

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