- - Friday, February 12, 2021

The partisan Democrat House impeachment managers opened up Tuesday exactly as expected — by glorifying violence and intentionally misleading the American people on the Constitution.

In doing so, the Democrats set a horrible precedent for the rest of the impeachment trial by making clear they will selectively edit and outright lie about anything and everything — from video footage to remarks from legal scholars to the Constitution itself.

This latest attempt to silence President Donald Trump and his 75 million supporters will further divide the nation at a time when we must come together to defeat the global pandemic and reopen America.

In fact, Democrat Rep. David Cicilline’s opening remarks revealed a disturbing truth. He said the quiet part out loud — this impeachment trial is ALL about destroying President Trump and casting his 75 million supporters as violent insurrectionists. They wish to make any public support of President Trump a non-starter through censorship and historic revisionism.

This unfortunate attempt by the left — buoyed by Silicon Valley, Hollywood and the coastal elites — to weaponize the impeachment process as a political weapon will only further corrode the American people’s trust in their government institutions.

This second impeachment is as divisive and filled with partisan vitriol as the first, and it comes with an additional caveat — it’s downright unconstitutional.

In their final attempt to disqualify and permanently cancel their political opposition, Democrats are weaponizing the power of impeachment to prevent a private citizen from running for public office. This unprecedented and dangerous action transforms America’s once solemn impeachment process into a tool of political vengeance.

The constitutional provision, cited in the Article of impeachment, claims the “President shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for …”  The answer lies in the words themselves. President Trump no longer holds office; the Senate is presently unable to remove him.

Democrats claim this action is to punish former President Trump for his alleged incitement of violence that was wrought by none other than the violent, anarchist criminals who perpetrated it. The fact is, President Trump demanded that his supporters remain peaceful and has always stood shoulder to shoulder with law enforcement.

The double standard by today’s Democratic Party exposes a disturbing truth. When violent left-wing anarchists attacked a federal courthouse in Portland, Oregon, this past summer, Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi demonized federal law enforcement as “stormtroopers” instead of denouncing the lawbreakers.

Now is not the time for such despicable retribution — it is the time for unity, healing, and focusing on the interests of the American people.

America faces some of its greatest challenges in generations including a global pandemic. The Article of Impeachment will do absolutely nothing to solve these problems and help the American people. In fact, it will only serve to further divide us.

The Senate should swiftly reject the Article of Impeachment as unconstitutional and a disservice to the country. This nation cannot set a precedent where former public servants, including the president, can be politically persecuted long after their term in office.

This is a politically motivated attack not just against President Trump, but also against the Constitution.

Now is the time for the American people, and their elected leaders, to come together in order to tackle the great challenges of our time.

• Jason Miller is senior adviser to the 45th President of the United States Donald J. Trump.

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