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Members of the National Guard stationed in Washington, D.C., to protect the incoming president from conservative voters during the canceled inaugural activities that nobody would’ve attended anyway were banished by police from the U.S. Capitol, booted to a nearby parking garage.

Their time in the photography sun had ended, you see.

The official reason given for the banishment was that Congress was in session. In other words, the guard members were in the way.

But what happened to security first, security at all costs?

Right. We all know the deal here. We all know the real deal.

President Joe Biden’s protectors had all the media imagery they needed. So the National Guard was no longer needed.

The thousands upon thousands upon thousands of armed soldiers sent to patrol the capital city streets and Capitol building hallways to keep out the deplorables from deplorably supporting Donald Trump did their duty — they stood strong in the face of all the MSNBC and CNN and ABC and CBS photographers who snapped away happily to capture on film what their minions back at studio base then claimed was the consequence of being conservative. See what happens when you vote for Donald Trump? See how dangerously racist all those MAGA people are? And now it was time for them to go.

The guardsmen, the guardswomen, were simply props for the Democrats.

And post-inauguration, suddenly, Democrats and those on Capitol Hill doing the Democrats’ bidding rediscovered their dislike for guns, soldiers and law enforcement.

The soldiers supposedly tasked with enforcing law were ordered to quit using the Capitol complex as a break and rest area, and take their guns and go to the garage instead.

“We honestly just feel betrayed,” one guardsman said to CNN.

Yes. Props who don’t know they’re props generally do feel that way upon discovering they’re being used as props.

From CNN: Just a day before the guard members saw their rest area moved from the inside to the outside, from the comfortable Capitol eating areas and cushy surroundings to a dank cement floor — just one day before, “congressmen had come by for photos with the different National Guards units that came to Washington to support security around the inauguration.”

And here’s the money quote.

“After everything went seamlessly,” the guardsman told CNN, “we were deemed useless and banished to a corner of a parking garage.”

Yes. Because that’s how Democrats do.

Democrats use different segments of the population for political gain — and after gaining politically, toss these segments to the side.

And when political winds shift, so, too, political principles. Upon hearing complaints from lawmakers, Republicans and yes, some Democrats, that latter batch no doubt only complaining out of concern about the public relations fallout of images of sad and lonely U.S. soldiers napping on cold cement floors — upon hearing complaints, the troops were allowed back into the Capitol. Swoosh. That’s the sound of political winds shifting yet again.

Props, atten-shun!

The National Guard in D.C. was always a political strategy of the left to paint a media picture of Trump supporters as crazily violent, out-of-control and mad dog aggressive. It was never about safety; it was never about security.

If Democrats truly cared about safety and security and law and order, they would have demanded the tasking of thousands of National Guard troops to Antifa, Black Lives Matter and CHAZ-slash-CHOP rebellions springing around the nation over past years. 

Heck, if they truly cared, they wouldn’t be so anti-gun, anti-military, anti-law and order in the first place.

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