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Maybe Bill Clinton was right about President Obama.

After all, Arkansas Bubba was America’s “first black president.” 

Back in 2008 when Hillary Clinton was scheduled to be America’s Next President (The first time. Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!), Bill Clinton became enraged after his Black voters down in South Carolina decided that they could, in fact, vote for themselves. 

After initial wariness about a half-African with a Muslim name, Black voters fell for Mr. Obama. Hard.

Mr. Clinton’s bulbous nose turned bloody red with rage. The young upstart challenging his wife for the Democratic nomination, he insisted, was nothing more than just another Black race-hustler from Chicago.

“Jesse Jackson won South Carolina in ’84 and ’88. Jackson ran a good campaign. And Obama ran a good campaign here,” Mr. Clinton seethed to a throng of supporters and media not far from Charleston’s famous slave market.

It was a gambit as stunning as it was desperate. In other words, vintage Bill Clinton.

Congressman James Clyburn, an actual Black man who is among South Carolina’s most revered politicians, was incensed by Mr. Clinton’s mouthiness. So much so that Mr. Clyburn revoked Mr. Clinton’s honorary sobriquet as America’s “first black president” — famously bequeathed by the famous American writer, Toni Morrison.

“We are still looking for the first black president,” Mr. Clyburn reminded Mr. Clinton — and primary voters in South Carolina.

But Mr. Clinton refused to surrender his treasured title. “I think that they played the race card on me,” he later complained bitterly.

More than a decade on — after America elected our first actual Black president — Mr. Obama is proving every bit the sleazy race hustler from Chicago that Mr. Clinton warned us about.

“There are certain right-wing media venues, for example, that monetize and capitalize on stoking the fear and resentment of a white population that is witnessing a changing America and seeing demographic changes and do everything they can to give people a sense that their way of life is threatened and that people are trying to take advantage of them,” he said this week.


Yeah, Mr. Obama, it’s “right-wing” politicians who are hustling racial division these days in order to capitalize on fear and resentment of being taken advantage of. Do you even hear the stupid words coming out of your dishonest mouth?

We get it. Your presidency was a failure — except for the racial milestone of your election. Kind of like your Nobel “Peace” prize.

Your policies drove more than a thousand Democrats out of elective office. And you drove American voters into the arms of Donald Trump.

Now you are a bitter, gray-haired, washed-up rock star. And now you tell us that America — the country you led for eight years as America’s real first Black president — is racist. What a nasty, bitter man.

What is amazing about this is how you never mentioned a word about how racist America is during your campaign for president in 2008. Quite the opposite. It was all about “hope” and unity.

There was no Red America or Blue America, just a United States of America, you told us. But now, America is suddenly racist.

So, tell us, Mr. Obama: Are you lying to us now? Or were you lying to us in 2008? 

Which is it? Or, perhaps, did non-racist 2008 America suddenly become racist — right after we elected our first Black president?

The sad truth is that all three are correct. Your 2008 campaign was a lie. You are still a liar today. And eight years of your presidency did little more than to sow division and racial hostility in America.

Too bad we didn’t just stick with our other “first black president.”

• Charles Hurt is opinion editor of The Washington Times.

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