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Gallup in its annual Moral Issues survey found that 53% of Americans are “very dissatisfied” with the “moral and ethical climate” of the country — a percentage that isn’t just a record high, but a shockingly high record high. Since 2001, until today, the highest “very dissatisfied” recording in this question was 39%.

So what’s going on?

Call it the secular factor.

It’s no coincidence that at the same time America is growing increasing dissatisfied with the moral drift of the nation that many other polls and surveys show the citizenry is growing much more secular, that the churches are growing silent, that the pews are remaining empty.

In terms of morality, that means many more in America are following a moral compass that comes from their own hearts, their own minds, and not from God, not from biblical teachings, not from a heavenly Creator, not from a Supreme Being.

So. We’ve got antifa thuggery in the streets. The violence that follows? A moral matter.

We’ve got a spiraling open border problem that comes from a failure of the Democrats to uphold law and order — a moral matter.

We’ve got drugs, crime, gang activities and various addictions fueled by leftists who want to send in the therapists for 911 calls, not the police, because, after all, it’s wrong to offend rapists and murderers and thieves by holding them accountable for their behaviors, yes? A moral matter.

We’ve got a flip of right for wrong — a politically pushed respect for criminal rights, a simultaneous politically pushed denouncement of police and of those who work to protect the innocent. Again, a moral matter.

Speaking of innocent: Abortion, an ultimate in moral matters.

And here comes Gallup, with the big poll findings of the day, that 53% of Americans are “very dissatisfied” with the direction of the country’s morals and ethics, and another 28% “somewhat dissatisfied.” 

Step back and look around: 53% actually seems on the low side.

A country like America, where rights come from God, cannot exist long, at least culturally, without a strong people of faith. That’s how Founding Fathers intended it. A limited government relies on a virtuous people and a virtuous people depends on their relationship with God.

If morals aren’t coming from above, then they’re only as steadfast as the political winds that blow. They’re only as everlasting as the whimsical hearts and wills of the people. If America wants a moral and ethical climate, Americans need to turn back to biblical principles, pure and simple. 

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