- The Washington Times - Monday, November 15, 2021

Republicans, according to a new ABC News/Washington Post poll, hold the largest lead in midterm election favor in 40 years.

And Democrats’ collective response is, eh, meh, it’s not like it’s 50 years.

In other words: Americans, minus the China-fawners, increasingly hate the Joe Biden economy, the left’s coronavirus crazy and the Democratic Party’s all courts press to put parents in their place — beneath the boot of government. But Democrats don’t care.

Democrats aren’t adjusting. 

Democrats aren’t pivoting one bit on their Great Reset, socialist sell-out of America agenda. Gas prices? Smas prices. Or as Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm might say: hahahahahahahahaha. Talk about arrogance. Talk about hubris.

By the numbers: The GOP holds a 10-point lead among registered voters for midterms. Biden’s job approval stands at an all-time low of 41%, down from 44% in September. And even Democrats are increasingly finding fault with this president. Whereas 94% of Dems gave thumbs-up to Biden in June, only 80% do so now, in November. Add to that the fully 58% of independents who say they disapprove of Biden’s White House showing, and it’s clear: The GOP is kicking butt.

As ABC wrote: “As things stand, if the midterm elections were today, 51% of registered voters say they’d support the Republican candidate in their congressional district, 41% say the Democrat. That’s the biggest lead for Republicans in the 110 ABC/Post polls that have asked this question since November 1981.”

It truly is shaping to be the Jimmy Carter-Ronald Reagan years.

But do Democrats heed the warnings? No. Nope. Not even a little.

From one recent Wall Street Journal headline: “Democrats ‘Explain’ Virginia and New Jersey.” How so? By pushing for more, more, more roughshod treatment of constitutional rights.

“Progressives urge a more aggressive left-wing agenda,” the sub-headline read.

More redistributions of wealth. More shut-downs of the free market. More emptied store shelves due to government incompetence. More taxes, fees, costs, taxes, fees and costs to the consumer. And more bogus “investigations.”

To distract from the misery they’re creating, Democrats are busy going after James O’Keefe and Steve Bannon and Mark Meadows and more. Their collective pre-campaign platforms seem strangely focused on two matters — making clear Jan. 6 was the worst attack on American soil since the Revolutionary War, and making clear that Donald Trump and MAGA supporters were to blame.

That and pointing out the racism of America’s roads.

That may fly with the few in the Dem Party who are still supporting Biden and his comedy of an administration. But only 35% of independents now approve of Biden’s job performance. Only 31% of registered voters believe Biden’s keeping his campaign promises. Only 35% think Biden’s even accomplished much in his many months of U.S. leadership.

The math speaks volumes.

“[Virginia Democrat Rep. Gerry] Connolly told The Daily Beast that the party shouldn’t get ‘overly wrapped up’ in today’s bad polling numbers, even if he allowed that it is a ‘low point’ for them so far,” The Daily Beast reported.

Yep. The math speaks volumes. Just not to Democrats.

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