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The fear of crime in the U.S. is out there, and a Gallup poll has tracked it.

“Americans’ perception that crime in their local area is getting worse has surged over the past year. Fifty-one percent, up from 38% in 2020, say there is more crime in their area than a year ago. Meanwhile, U.S. adults’ belief that crime is up nationally remains high, at 74%, little changed from 78% in 2020. Both figures are at or near their peak levels for the past 25 years,” reported Lydia Saad, a Gallup analyst.

Some respondents appear more vigilant than others.

“This year’s increase in Americans’ belief that there is more crime in their area than a year ago is mostly explained by a surge among Republicans, rising 29 points from 38% in 2020 to 67% today. There has also been a nine-point increase to 47% among independents, while it has barely changed among Democrats, at 40%,” Ms. Saad wrote.

There’s also a political dynamic at work.

“While Republicans’ perception of their local crime problem typically changes as Republican presidents come and go from the White House, the 29-percentage point increase this year in their view that local crime is worse far exceeds the 13-percentage point increase that occurred in 2009 after Democratic President Barack Obama took office following Republican President George W. Bush,” the analyst said.

“As a result, the 67% of Republicans now perceiving there is more crime in their area is by far the highest recorded since the start of this trend in 2000,” she said.

The poll of 823 U.S. adults was conducted Oct. 1-19 and released Nov. 10.


Sen. Joe Manchin III, West Virginia Democrat, currently has a 61% approval rating in his state, far outdistancing President Biden, who has a 65% disapproval rate. So says a new MBE Research Poll of 702 voters in the Mountain State conducted Nov. 7.

Another 70% of the respondents agreed that Mr. Manchin was “an independent voice who is willing to oppose national politicians of both parties in order to do what is right for West Virginia.”

So what’s his secret for accruing such consistent, positive reviews?

“Voters want to be listened to. When they feel like you’re listening to them, they will reward that, either at the polls or in numbers like this,” pollster Mark Blankenship — who conducted the new survey — told MetroNews Talkline, a news organization based in Charleston.

“I think that’s what’s recognized here is that Sen. Manchin is listening to the people of West Virginia,” Mr. Blankenship advised.


U.S. Customs and Border Protection released border numbers for October on Monday, confirming that 164,303 illegal immigrants were apprehended along the southern U.S. border during October – the highest October total ever recorded.

According to a handy summary compiled by the Republican National Committee, 1.6 million illegal immigrants have crossed the border since President Biden took office. There were also thousands of “got-aways” — those immigrants who evaded encounters with border patrol enforcement — estimated to number about 1,500 “got-aways” a day.

“More illegal immigrants crossed the southern border in just the last three months under Biden than in all of fiscal year 2020 under President Trump,” the summary said, also noting that 899 pounds of fentanyl were seized at the border in September — or the equivalent of nearly 204 million lethal doses.

“There were 12,807 unaccompanied minors encountered at the border in October. That’s more than in any month under Trump. More than 139,000 unaccompanied minors have been apprehended under Biden,” the summary said.

“These numbers prove Biden’s border crisis continues to rage. But Biden and border czar Kamala Harris are nowhere to be found,” commented Tommy Pigott, rapid response director for the GOP organization.


A new book has arrived from Jedediah Bila, a self-described “conservative mother” and former Fox News anchor who is concerned for the future of her young son.

Cultural upheaval, disappearing traditional values and profound schisms in political beliefs are changing the future for American children, she says. The book is, essentially, a letter to her son Hartley.

“I’m worried about what’s happening in schools, worried about parents being told to sit down and shut up while their kids suffer, especially after this year of endless school closures. Education is supposed to be about learning how to think, not what to think. That’s far from the norm in schools today,” she said in a statement.

The book is titled “Dear Hartley: Thoughts on Character, Kindness and Building a Brighter World,” published by Center Street, the conservative imprint of Hachette Book Group.

“Sit down, and write a letter to your own child. After all the turbulence of recent years, a shying away from the core values that built this country, quickening encroachments on your individual freedoms — what would you tell your ‘Noah’ or ‘Emma’ about the most important things in life?“ the author asks.


During the week of Nov. 8-14, Fox News bested its top two cable news competitors combined, drawing an average 2.5 million prime-time viewers. MSNBC attracted 1.1 million viewers and CNN 632,000. “Tucker Carlson Tonight” tops the ratings with 3.3 million viewers.

In the battle of media analysis, “Media Buzz” with host Howard Kurtz attracted an audience of 1.5 million viewers, trouncing CNN’s “Reliable Sources” with Brian Stelter — which drew 647,000.


71% of U.S. adults say the U.S. government is not doing enough to help the nation’s military veterans; 74% of Republicans, 75% of independents and 68% of Democrats agree.

13% overall say the government is offering the “right amount” of help; 15% of Republicans, 11% of independents and 16% of Democrats agree.

5% overall say the government is doing “too much” to help veterans; 4% of Republicans, 5% of independents and 5% of Democrats agree.

11% overall are not sure about the issue; 7% of Republicans, 9% of independents and 10% of Democrats agree.

SOURCE: An Economist/YouGov poll of 1,500 U.S. adults conducted Nov. 6-9.

Correction: A previous version of this story misidentified Jedediah Bila and her child. Bila is a former Fox News host and Hartley is her son.

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