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The radical Biden agenda is falling apart on all fronts.  To date, President Joe Biden has created a border crisis, a crime crisis, an inflation crisis, an Afghanistan crisis, and a vaccine mandate crisis.  Since taking office, the American people have witnessed a steady drumbeat of unprecedented policy failures due to this president’s weak leadership and bad decisions.    

Meanwhile, on Capitol Hill, Mr. Biden’s dangerous federal takeover of elections legislation is all but dead, his infrastructure bill is being held hostage by the fringe left, and his multi-trillion socialist wish list - also known as budget reconciliation - is being decimated.

This entire unfolding catastrophe is of Mr. Biden’s own making. The plain truth is Mr. Biden is in serious political trouble because he keeps trying to jam a square peg into a round hole.  Socialism and the radical left’s warped vision to fundamentally transform our country versus our Constitutional Republic and the American people who cherish limited government and freedom.  

The Biden agenda has turned out to be thoroughly radical, and the American people didn’t sign up for radical change.  The woke, socialist garbage that Mr. Biden is pushing is simply a bad fit for America, and that’s why his approval rating is plummeting around the country. Why doesn’t Mr. Biden get it?

Here are the facts. Mr. Biden is in the White House because of just 42,000 votes in three states, the U.S. Senate is deadlocked at 50 - 50, and the Democrats barely have a governing majority in the U.S. House.  In essence - even with Mr. Biden’s big “unity” lie - the American people delivered a tie game with an unambiguous message in 2020.  

The American people asked for moderation, compromise, and for their most pressing problems to be solved, namely defeating COVID-19 and returning to the booming economy that President Trump created.  Instead, Mr. Biden has elongated the turmoil by following the orders of the unhinged left on border security, policing, foreign policy, government spending, and heavy-handed mandates.    

These wrongheaded decisions are taking their toll.  The most recent national Quinnipiac poll came with the brutal headline, “Americans Give President Biden Lowest Marks Across The Board…Majority Say The Biden Administration Is Not Competent.”  And state-specific polls are showing similar trends.  For instance, in North Carolina, Biden has an abysmal approval rating of 38 percent; in Iowa, Mr. Biden is nearing rock bottom with a 31 percent approval rating; and in Virginia - a state he carried by 10 points just eleven months ago - Mr. Biden is sitting at 45 percent approval.  

This reality is causing Virginia Democrats and their gubernatorial nominee Terry McAuliffe massive grief leading up to the Commonwealth’s fast-approaching off-year elections next month. Political outsider Glenn Youngkin is in a position to be the first Republican elected governor of Virginia since 2009. He’ll have Mr. Biden and the left’s destructive policies like critical race theory and defunding police to thank should he prevail.   

Since taking power in January, Washington Democrats have chosen time and time again to ignore the will of the American people and plow forward with an out-of-touch agenda favored by an intimidating woke mob that currently occupies the far left-wing of American society.  It’s no wonder that independent voters are deserting Mr. Biden at such a rapid pace.  According to a recent Associated Press poll, “Since July, Biden’s approval rating has dipped…among independents who don’t lean toward either party (from 62% to 38%).”  It isn’t rocket science.  The American people want a leader in the Oval Office who isn’t afraid to confront radical nonsense, and Joe Biden has proven he isn’t capable.

What kind of leader threatens to kill the filibuster to increase America’s debt limit so he can continue his out-of-control spending spree unabated? Mr. Biden. What kind of leader pushes a federal takeover of our elections that would allow for popular state Voter ID laws to be overturned? Mr. Biden.  What kind of leader tells his Department of Justice to investigate concerned parents who attend school board meetings to question destructive critical race theory? Mr. Biden.  And what kind of leader refuses to condemn the harassment of a female senator by radical leftists in a bathroom? Mr. Biden.

In the case of Senator Kyrsten Sinema, Mr. Biden missed a golden opportunity to tell the radical mob to stand down. He would have ingratiated himself to Ms. Sinema on budget reconciliation negotiations and sent a message that some forms of protest are out of bounds.

In politics, this is called a “lay-up,” but Mr. Biden didn’t have the guts to do the right thing. Mr. Biden should consider brushing up on Aesop’s Fable about the wind and the sun. Brushing off the inexcusable intimidation of Ms. Sinema isn’t going to bring her any closer to his irresponsible topline number on reconciliation, that’s for sure.  

So, what will it take for Mr. Biden and the Democrats to get the message that their agenda is an unpopular failure and their tactics are repulsive?  The polling data is clear.  The disastrous results are self-evident.  And most importantly, the American people are speaking out.

A Republican sweep in Virginia could do it.

• David N. Bossie is president of Citizens United, and he served as deputy campaign manager for Donald J. Trump for President.      

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