While appearing on Tucker Carlson Today, author David Horowitz asked an extremely cogent question, which frankly amazed me. He asked whether American businesses would spend a fortune on T.V. advertisements (75% of which feature Black actors) if they thought the white viewing audience was substantially made up of white supremacists. I think the answer to that question is undoubtedly no. Furthermore, I find it very puzzling that no one in the media seems to have posed this question before.

I am a white male, and in my 80 years of life I have never once met or even heard about a white supremacist in my midst. Therefore Mr. Horowitz’s question seems entirely reasonable to me. In fact, I think the media should weigh in on this question, because I continue to wonder, along with Mr. Horowitz, whether there is any significant white supremacy in this country. Based on American advertising, as pointed out by Mr. Horowitz, American business doesn’t seem to think so. And as the old saying goes, follow the money.



Longboat Key, Fla.

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