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Democrats know their time is short.

The secretary-general of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, a man who’s also the former president of Socialist International, said in a set of maniacally madcap-toned remarks that the world is falling, the world is breaking, the world is blowing up in our faces and by gosh, he’s just the guy “to fix” it all. 

Meaning, of course, regulating it all.

Meaning, of course, America — move over. Stop all this silly free market nonsense. Quit all this rascally wabbity individualism crap. Get with the U.N. global government movement and toe the socialist-slash-Marxist line. There’s a “Great Reset” going on, dontcha know. It’s also called the One World Order. It’s also called the New World Order. It’s also called the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals. It’s also called the Fourth Industrial Revolution. It’s also called Build Back Better — which is the tour this current White House is taking through key states, by the way. Whatever name it goes by — and the names do change; when one becomes too politically hot, the globalists trot out another — but whatever the name used, the end goal is always the same: mass, worldwide collectivism. Power concentrated in the hands of a very few.

“And we need multilateralism with teeth,” Guterres said, The Associated Press reported. 

Also from the AP: “What’s needed, Guterres said, is not new multilateral bureaucracies but more effective multilateral institutions including a United Nations ‘2.0’ more relevant to the 21st century. … In the report outlining his vision ‘to fix’ the world, Guterres said immediate action is needed …”

With leftists, it’s always “immediate.” It’s always panic time. Why? Creating a sense of urgency causes anxiety and chaos and confusion among the people — which, in turn, makes them easier to shepherd. It’s when things calm and people begin to rationalize and think things through that Democrats, progressives, socialists, communists, Marxists and the like begin to panic themselves. After all, nothing says “no thanks” to government like a batch of people who can use logic and provide for themselves.

The left thrives on red alarm chaos. The left dies in cooler head atmospheres.

And in America, with Joe Biden, with feckless, fumbling, bumbling, abandon-our-citizens-and-allies-in-Afghanistan Joe Biden, the cooler head atmosphere is steadily creeping into society.

Poll after poll after poll shows the growing pushback against Team Biden — the buyer’s remorse for President Biden. Poll after poll after poll shows that people in America are sitting up and asking themselves: What the heck was America thinking last election? And Biden’s globalist partners at the United Nations and elsewhere are now themselves growing anxious. They’re wondering about coming elections. They’re wondering about changing political party leadership. They’re biting nails and wondering what happens to global “Great Reset” plans if Biden and Democrats give way to America First, America Best, American patriots in political leadership posts. After all, how to take over the world when America won’t play along with the takeover? 

Democrats in America, along with their communist and socialist and collectivist friends around the world, know this coming election is not going to be pretty for their side. Republicans are united and passionate about the need to oust Democrats from Congress and win back the majorities needed to stop Biden’s overreaches and stumbles — and they’re steadily bringing aboard a whole bunch of Independents who are seeing similarly.

If Democrats can’t hold Congress, Biden will lose much of his political support system. 

And if Democrats can’t hold the White House in 2024 — it’s back to the drawing room for the Great Reset-ters. The coronavirus can only take the political opportunists of collectivism so far. After that, they have to create another crisis of epic proportions, to drive the people into sheeple mode, to instill the deep enough pit of fear so as to wipe out any impulse to self-decide, i.e., self-govern. Climate change has been teed up, but it needs America’s full participation. Too many in America are still not as fearful of weather patterns as the communists would like.

“We need a change of mindset,” said World Economic Forum’s Klaus Schwab, a major architect of the Great Reset movement. 

And time grows short. Biden is losing political capital and if he loses House and Senate seats — time grows even shorter. Collectivists know this. Collectivists worry about this. Collectivists know they can’t dominate the world without the participation of America. Their worst fear is another Donald Trump.

With Biden merrily bumbling away and losing favor every day, it’s looking more and more like the global government’s worst fear will become reality. If not Trump himself, another Trump-like. Another MAGA hat-wearer. It’s very nearly almost fate.

Just goes to show: You can’t keep a free American down. You can’t ever completely kill the American spirit of liberty.

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